Poster Session Abstracts Index

Adegoke, Muritala, Génesis Álvarez Rosario, Paula Buchanan, Lilian Bui, Miriam Commodore-Mensah, Sahar Derakhshan, Isaiah Higgs, Gillian Maris Jones, Julian Jones, Rashon Lane, Ashley J. Méndez-Heavilin, Covel McDermot, Karen Montes-Berríos, Farah Nibbs, Danielle Nicholson, Christina Kaululani Sun, Mehari Tesfay, Morolake Omoya, and Olivia Vilá
SURGE Scholars Experience: Post-Disaster Research and Service in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Agbo, Emmanuel
Social Media: Strength or Mirage for Emergency and Disaster Information Dissemination? A Nigerian Case Study

Al Ruwaithi, Abdulhadi and Joanne Nigg
A Methodology for Estimating Flood Risk: A Case Study of Long-Term Care Facilities

Bacigalupe, Gonzalo and Javier Velasco
Why Crisis Platforms Fail Citizen Participation: Text Mining is Not Crowdsourcing

Bennett, DeeDee, Hans Louis-Charles, Terri Norton, Lori Peek, Nnenia Campbell, Norma Anderson, and Jenniffer Santos-Hernandez
NSF INCLUDES: Minority SURGE Capacity in Disasters

Brand, Brittany, Michael Lindell, and Alexa Dietrich
Assessing the Influence of Cultural Variables, Perceptions, and Earthquake Hazard Information on Household Emergency Preparedness in the Portland, Oregon, Metro Area

Brugh, Jessica, Rachel Reeves, and Susan Cutter
Scholarship, Research, and Development at the Hazards and Vulnerability Research Institute

Chakalian, Paul, Liza Kurtz, and David Hondula
Understanding Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Large-Scale Power Failure

Chang, Ray, Yi-En Tso, and Chih-Hao Lin
The Disaster Management System in Taiwan: Case Studies, Qualitative Interviews, and Analyses

Chiquoine, Rachel
When and Where: Investigating Travel Decisions During the Response to a Widespread Anthrax Release

Choe, Youngjun
Machine Annotation of Post-Hurricane Satellite Imagery for Identifying Damages

Choi, Woo-Jeong and Min-Jeong Kim
Typhoon Chaba in Ulsan City: Strengthening Community to Overcome Disasters by Management of Conflict Factors

Daimon, Hiroaki, Tomohide Atsumi, and Joanne Nigg
Two Approaches to Disaster Volunteering: A Comparative Study Between the United States and Japan

Der-Martirosian, Claudia, Susan Schmitz, and Aram Dobalian
U.S. Military Veterans: An Untapped Resource in Disaster Preparedness

DeYoung, Sarah and Ashley Farmer
“We Thought We’d Come Back": Pets, Trauma, and the 2017 Disasters

Durfee, Colleen
Compound Disasters: Federal Buyouts and the Great Recession’s Effect on Household and Community Resilience of Whites and Blacks

Durfee, Colleen and Darien Williams
Hurricane Matthew Disaster Recovery and Resilience Initiative

Eide, Corey
Open Initiative

Errett, Nicole, Nancy Wyland, Erin Haynes, Ali Everhart, and Edith Parker
Leveraging Community Partnerships to Advance Disaster Research Response: A Qualitative Analysis

Esplin, Emily and Peter Howe
It’s a Dry Heat: Shifting Professional Perspectives on Extreme Heat Risk in Utah

Fernandez Otegui, Diego
The Weaknesses of a Strong Early Warning System: The Case of Mexico

Fischer, Erica, Manny Hakhamaneshi, Maggie Ortiz, and Beki McElvain
Virtual Earthquake Reconnaissance—How It Supports and Supplements Data Sharing and Boots on the Ground

Gin, June, Cheryl Levine, David Canavan, Alicia Gable, Susan Schmitz, Mangwi Atia, and Aram Dobalian
Disaster Preparedness to Promote Community Resilience—A Toolkit for Homeless Service Providers

Gu, Donghwan, Galen Newman, Sara Hamideh, Nathanael Rosenheim, and Walter Peacock
Residential Building Removal and Redevelopment: Vacant Lots After Hurricane Ike in Galveston, Texas

Hore, Katherine, JC Gaillard, Tim Davies, and Robin Kearns
The Power of Participatory Disaster Risk Reduction: A Case Study in Franz Josef Township

Hotard, Abbey
Factors Influencing Gulf Coast Resident Willingness to Relocate for Hazard Risk Reduction

Hu, Da and Ali Nejat
Households Post-Disaster Relocation Decisions: A Regression Analysis

Huang, Chi-Ying
Assessing the Adoption of Hazard Mitigation Practices in the Texas Gulf Coast

Hutton, Nicole and Michael Allen
The Role of Meteorological Hazards in Urban Tourism: The Case of Hampton Roads

Hwang, Seong Nam
Understanding the Impact of Earthquakes on the Human Population in the State of California

Jamali, Mehdi and Ali Nejat
The Application of Social Media in Disaster Recovery

Jeong, Sangman, Insang Yu, Hayong Kim, and Christabel Jane Rubio
Developing a System for a Natural Disaster Insurance Rate Map

Khajehei, Sayma and Sara Hamideh
Social Vulnerability and Public Housing Recovery After Hurricane Matthew: Lumberton, North Carolina

Kiaghadi, Amin and Hanadi Rifai
Contrasting Hydrodynamic and Environmental Effects of Different Hurricane Types in Highly Industrialized Estuaries

Kirsch, Katie, Emily Sullivan, Jennifer Horney, and Kirby Goidel
Are Slow-Onset Disasters Well Represented in Hazard Mitigation Plans?

Kuo, Yen-Lien, Ya-Ming Liu, Wun-Ci Kuo, and Hsin-Chieh Tseng
The Impacts of a Typhoon on Physiological Diseases and Mental Illness: A Case of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan

Kyle, Aubry
Between Risks: Assessing Perceptions of Emergency Support Services in New Orleans, Louisiana, Following an August 5th Flood Event While Monitoring Hurricane Harvey

Lopes Ribeiro, Flavio
Who Can I Rely on for Water During Periods of Drought?

MacPherson-Krutsky, Carson, Brittany Brand, and Michael Lindell
Out with the Old and in with the New: Does Updating Natural Hazard Maps to Reflect Best Practices Increase Viewer Comprehension of Risk?

Maduka-Ezeh, Awele, Mawuna Gardesey, and Joseph Trainor
Pandemics, Stigma, and the "Otherness" of Immigrants

Manandhar, Rejina
Social Media Use in a Post-Disaster Context: An Examination of Risk Communication at an Organizational Level

Miller, Aubrey, April Bennett, Stacey Arnesen, Steve Ramsey, Richard Rosselli, and Siobhan Champ-Blackwell
Building Resilience Through Research: NIH Disaster Research Response Program

Nagamtasu, Shingo, Jonathan Eyer, and Adam Rose
Return Migration After the 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

Nejat, Ali, Saeed Moradi, and Da Hu
The Application of Anchors of Social Networks in Housing Recovery

Nguyen, Lan, Bob Freitag, Ernest Alvarado, Himanshu Grover, Harry Podschwit, Fabiola Pulido-Chavez, and Stephen Veith
Flooding Risks Following Wildland Fires: Long-Term Risk Reduction Strategies in Plain, Washington

Niles, Skye and Santina Contreras
Social Vulnerability and Healthcare Response in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Nuñez, Cristian and Michelle Meyer
The Role of Social and Human Capital in Disaster Recovery: A Case Study of La Grange, Texas

Palagi, Shaye and Amy Javernick-Will
Comparative Comprehensive Outcomes in Post-Disaster Relocation Communities

Qin, Hua, Hannah Brenkert-Smith, and Jamie Vickery
Dynamic Risk Perception and Action in Response to Forest Insect Disturbance in North Central Colorado

Rashid, Mayeda, Kevin Ronan, and JC Gaillard
Child-Centered Disaster Resilience Education Program: An Action Research Study

Revariah, Reny
Jakarta’s Giant Sea Wall: Threats and Assets of Resilient Infrastructure

Sarmiento, Francisco, Cynthia Rivas, Abdulhadi Al Ruwaithi, and Joanne Nigg
Hawaii's Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities Response to the False Missile Warning

Semien, Joy and Earthea Nance
Developing a Disaster Preparedness Toolkit for the Community of Geismar, Louisiana

Seo, Kyung-Min and Woo-Jeong Choi
Ulsan Metropolitan City: An Analysis of the Role of Urban Planning in Hazard Vulnerablity Factors

Seong, Kijin and Shannon Van Zandt
A Systematic Literature Review: Permanent Residential Relocation After Disasters

Sharpe, Danielle and DeeDee Bennett
The Use of Facebook as a Disaster Epidemiology and Response Tool for Severe Winter Weather Events

Soden, Robert
Closure, Silence, and Anti-Politics: Uncovering Anti-Patterns in the Design of Disaster Information and Communication Technologies

Stough, Laura, Sungyoon Lee, and Donghyun Kang
Seven School-Related Disasters

Sullivan, Emily, Nathanael Rosenheim, and Walter Gillis Peacock
Public Health Data Informing Food Security Disaster Research

Sutton, Jeannette and Erica Kuligowski
Alerts and Warnings on Short Messaging Channels: Guidance from an Expert Panel Process

Talbot, Jessica, Cristina Poleacovschi, and Sara Hamideh
Evaluating the Role of Social Capital in Informal Reconstruction: A Case Study of Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Tamm, Alan
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Information to Reduce Disaster Risk

Teachout, Hailey and Michelle Meyer
What Motivates People to Join the Cajun Navy and Volunteer for Disaster Rescue Efforts?

Trainor, Joseph, Praveen Edara, Konstantinos Triantis, Pamela Murray-Tuite, Yohan Chang, Taylor Williams, Tatiana Daychman, and David Marasco
Multi-Perspective Evacuation Performance

Troisi, Emily
How a Learning Network Supports the Fire Adapted Communities Framework

Vinnell, Lauren, John McClure, and Taciano Milfont
Do Social Norms Enhance Support for Hazard Legislation? Comparing the Effects of Descriptive and Injunctive Norms

Wachtendorf, Tricia, Jame Kendra, and Joseph Trainor
Disaster Science Education at the University of Delaware

Wachtendorf, Tricia and Jennifer Trivedi
THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Studying Responses to and Perceptions of Hawaii’s False Missile Alarm on January 13, 2018

Wang, Bairong and Jun Zhuang
Analyzing and Modeling the Spread of Misinformation on Social Media During Natural Disasters

Watson, Maria, Yu Xiao, Walter Peacock, and Shannon Van Zandt
The Impact of Loans on Long-Term Business Recovery

Wei, Hung-Lung
Perceived Stakeholder Characteristics and Protective Action for Influenza Emergencies: A Comparative Study of Respondents in the United States and China

Wolkin, Amy, Simone Domingue, Melissa Villarreal, Elizabeth Bittel, and Lori Peek
Preparing to Respond: Vulnerable Populations Factsheets for Emergency Response

Wu, Kai and Yu Xiao
Understanding Social Capital in Households Post-Disaster Recovery

Wu, Tristan, Sky Huang, Haley Murphy, Michael Lindell, and Donald House
DynaSearch: A Social Experiment Tool for Disaster Studies

Wu, ZongPing and YiChun Chen
A Study on Development Strategy of Disaster Resistant Community Autonomy in Taiwan

Wyte-Lake, Tamar, Maria Claver, Leah Haverhals, and Aram Dobalian
Disaster Planning for Homebound Veterans