Innovations in Data Collection and Sharing

Thur. 2:45 to 4:15 p.m., Centennial E
Concurrent Session 3-3

Moderator: Jessica Pardee, Rochester Institute of Technology

Building a Cloud-Based Data Collaboratory for Hurricane Damage Assessment

Jie Gong, Rutgers University
Mengyang Guo, Rutgers University
Yi Yu, Rutgers University

Fast Reconstruction of Flood Hydrographs in the Houston Metropolitan Area during Hurricane Harvey Based on Image Processing and In Situ Measurements

Navid Jafari, Louisiana State University
Xin Li, Louisiana State University
Qin Chen, Northeastern University
Jack Cadigan, Louisiana State University

Human-Centered Design of a Disaster Reconnaissance Field App

Scott Miles, University of Washington
Troy Tanner, University of Washington

The Automated Reconnaissance Image Organization Tool

Shirley Dyke, Purdue University
Chul Min Yeum, Purdue University
Mathieu Gaillard, Purdue University
Bedrich Benes, Purdue University
Thomas Hacker, Purdue University
Alana Lund, Purdue University
Ali Lenjani, Purdue University
Julio Ramirez, Purdue University