Innovations in Damage Assessments and Data Collection

Thur. 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Centennial E
Concurrent Session 2-3

Moderator: Yang Zhang, Virginia Tech

Fragility Assessment of Wind- and Storm Surge-Induced Residential Building Damage Caused by Hurricane Harvey

David Roueche, Auburn University
Frank Lombardo, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rich Krupar, Berkshire-Hathaway
Daniel Smith, James Cook University

Preserving the Evidence: 3D Wind Damage Scene Capture for Detailed Structural Forensics

J. Arn Womble, West Texas A&M University
Richard Wood, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
M. Ebrahim Mohammadi, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
Peter Hughes, West Texas A&M University

Post-Windstorm Reconnaissance in Rural and Agricultural Settings

Christine Wittich, University of Nebraska—Lincoln
Richard Wood, University of Nebraska—Lincoln

Data Driven Post-Disaster Waste and Debris Volume Predictions Using a Smartphone Photogrammetry App and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Navid Jafari, Louisiana State University
Anand Puppala, University of Texas at Arlington
Surya Congress, University of Texas at Arlington
Murad Nazari, Louisiana State University
Jack Cadigan, Louisiana State University

Wind-Induced Effects on Roof-to-Wall Connections of Residential Buildings

Amal Elawady, Florida International University
Ehssan Sayyafi, RIMKUS Consulting Group
Arindam Gan Chowdhury, Florida International University
Peter Irwin, Florida International University