Vulnerable Populations, Preparedness, and Institutional Settings

Wed. 4:15 to 5:45 p.m., Centennial F
Concurrent Session 1-4

Moderator: Marccus Hendricks, University of Maryland, College Park

Do Mitigation Actions in Wellington Suggest an Emerging Norm of Preparedness?

John McClure, Victoria University of Wellington
Liv Henrich, Victoria University of Wellington
Caitlin McCrae, Victoria University of Wellington
Caspian Leah, Victoria University of Wellington

North Carolina Educator Perceptions of Hurricane Impact and School Responses

Cassandra Davis, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Staying Above Water: Educational Outcomes of College Students during the 2016 Louisiana Flood

Kyle Breen, Louisiana State University
Michelle Meyer, Louisiana State University

Hurricane Irma: Prison Inmates, Disaster Resilience, and Social Vulnerability in the Georgia Department of Corrections Fire and Life Safety Program

J. Carlee Purdum, Louisiana State University

The Social Vulnerability of Children in School-Related Disasters

Laura Stough, Texas A&M University
Donghyun Kang, Texas A&M University
Sungyoon Lee, Texas A&M University