Hazards Research by New Professionals

Wed. 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., Interlocken A

This session features new research by students and recent graduates in the hazards and disaster field.

Moderator Presenters
Abdulhadi Al Ruwaithi, University of Delaware

A Methodology for Estimating Flood Risk: A Case Study of Long-Term Care Facilities

Shadi Azadegan, Colorado State University

Dimensions of Vulnerability, Resilience, and Social Justice in a Low-Income Hispanic Neighborhood During Disaster Recovery

Virginia Berndt, University of Delaware

Compromised Contraceptive Access in Disaster Settings: An Analysis of State-Level Contraceptive Policies, Title X Clinic Availability, and Emergency Refill Laws in North Carolina and Illinois

Sydney Eiss, University of Colorado Boulder

Measuring Exposure for a Better Tomorrow: An Analysis of Hazard Mapping and Survey Data as Methods to Measure Risk

Rejina Manandhar, Arkansas Tech University

Communicating Post-Disaster Risks and Return-Entry Information in the Aftermath of a Disaster

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