Community Adaptation to Hazards

Thur. 10:15 to 11:45 a.m., Centennial E
Concurrent Session 3-3

Managing Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study of the Eastern Free State, South Africa

Johanes Belle, University of the Free State

Planning for Climate Change in New York City’s Waterfront Communities: A Case Study of Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Khai Hoan Nguyen, Rutgers University

State Coastal Management Programs Under the Coastal Zone Management Act: When do Local Plans and Ordinances Matter?

Heather Wade, Texas A&M University
Walter Gillis Peacock, Texas A&M University

How Public Managers Make Tradeoffs Regarding Lives: Evidence from a Flood Planning Survey Experiment

Patrick Roberts, Research and Development Corporation
Kris Wernstedt, Virginia Tech
Lucia Velotti, John Jay College

Understanding Multi-Sector Stakeholder Values in Hurricane Michael to Facilitate Disaster Resilient Communities

Lu Zhang, Florida International University
Aishwarya Pathak, Florida International University
Nazife Ganapati, Florida International University

Social Resilience: The Impact of Institutional Arrangements

David Wither, University of Otago
Caroline Orchiston, University of Otago