Flood Risk: New Assessments and Technologies

Thur. 1:15 to 2:45 p.m., Centennial E
Concurrent Session 4-3

History At Risk: A Multi-Scalar Analysis of Historic Preservation and Flood Hazards in Colorado

Andrew Rumbach, University of Colorado Denver
Anna Bierbrauer, University of Colorado Denver
Gretel Follingstad, University of Colorado Denver

Toward the Development of Nationwide Probabilistic Flood Depth Data

Casey Zuzak, Federal Emergency Management Agency
David Judi, Pacific Northwest National Lab
Jordan Burns, Niyam IT, Inc.
Doug Bausch, Niyam IT, Inc.
Sean McNabb, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Creating Impervious Surfaces: Landscape Change and Social Inequality in Greater Houston

Kevin Smiley, University at Buffalo

Evaluating the Suitability and Alignment of Zoning and Land Use Planning in Flood-Hazard Areas

Matthew Malecha, Texas A&M University
Siyu Yu, Texas A&M University
Malini Roy, Texas A&M University
Philip Berke, Texas A&M University

Real-Time Urban Flood Detection with TensorFlow

Zikai Zhou, Rutgers University
Ruo-Qian Wang, Rutgers University