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Adams, Rachel, Candace Evans, Lori Peek, Haorui Wu, and Melissa Villarreal
CONVERGE Training Modules: Free Online Education for Extreme Events Researchers and Practitioners

Aggrey, John, Kathryn Keating, Sarah Becker, Ifeyinwa Davis, Tim Slack, Jaishree Beedasy, and Thomas Chandler
Technological Disasters and Community Trust in Southeast Louisiana

Akisanya, Oye, Jeffrey Ryan, and Shih-Kai Huang
Risk Communication to Facilitate Campus Reopening During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ali, S M Asger and Duane A. Gill
Content Analysis of Media Framing and Agenda Setting of Hurricane Harvey's News Coverage.

Álvarez, Yahaira D., Raquel Lugo Bendezú, Jocelyn West, Lindsay Davis, K. Stephen Hughes, Jonathan Godt, and Lori Peek
Collaborative Landslide Risk Communication in Puerto Rico

Bachinger, Leo Matteo
Transforming Food Production Through Climate Adaptation

Baldwin, Abby, Chelsea LeNoble, Annamaria Wolf, and Rebecca Lindgren
Teamwork, Stress, and Technology in Emergency Services #TetrisChallenge Photographs

Banford Witting, Alyssa
Assessing Catastrophe: A Resource-Based Approach

Barnett, Daniel, Kandra Strauss-Riggs, Norma Quintanilla, and Thomas Kirsch
The Limitation of After Action Reports and the Future of Response Assessment

Bartel, Beth, Wendy Bohon, Wendy Stovall, Lauren Frank, and Michael Poland
Introducing Geoscientists and Journalists to Hazards Communication Best Practices Early in Their Careers

Berd, Ashley and Maria Watson
Follow the Money: Using Content Analysis to Understand Disaster Spending

Bird, Alison, J.Murray Journeay, Tiegan Hobbs, Stephen Crane, John Adams, Henry Seywerd, Nicky Hastings, and Carol Wagner
Risk Assessment Guiding Development of an Earthquake Early Warning System for Canada

Brindle, Thomas Ryan, Shih-Kai Huang, Tanveer Islam, and Jane Kushma
A Protective Action Decision Model for Inter-organizational Supply Chain Resilience

Brindle, Thomas Ryan, Tu-Jung Hung, Shih-Kai Huang, Hao-Che Wu, Chih-Chun Lin, Jing-Chein Lu, and Michael Lindell
Households Immediate Response during a Nighttime Earthquake

Brooks, Emily, Alice Pennaz, Sarah Swanson, and Nate Wood
Challenges (and Opportunities) of Hazard Planning in Parks, Refuges, and Tribal Lands

Chen, Li-Li and Shih Kai Huang
Children’s Post-Disaster Stress Relief: A Case Study of Sandplay Therapy in Typhoon Morakot

Cottar, Shaieree
Managed Retreat & Resilience Building: Canadian Communities Recovering from the Ottawa River Floods

Cox, Zachary, Amanda Kobokovich, James Kendra, Monica Schoch-Spana, Robert Burhans, and Kimberly Gill
COPEWELL: Improving Nationwide Community Resilience

Davis, Eleanor, Kirstin Dow, and Jennifer Helgeson
Takin' Care of Business: Hurricanes, Pandemics, and Community Resilience in the Carolinas

DeVooght Blaney, Tammie and Ethan Slate
Home Elevation for Flood Hazard Mitigation

Dixon, Zachary
Clarifying Bridge and Roadway Closure Heuristics in Hurricane Evacuations

Dumler, Meredith, Miguel Cubero, Amin Enderami, Sarah Hofmeyer, and Elaina Sutley
Social Network Analysis of Community Functionality

Favretti, Maggie
Recovery & Resilience: Design Thinking in Education is Co-Powering Hope in Puerto Rico

Fayazi, Mahmood, Emily T. Yeh, and Fan Li
Case Study of Development and Divergent Post-Disaster Trajectories After the Wenchuan Earthquake

Fayazi, Mahmood and Isabelle-Anne Bisson
Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in Indigenous Communities in Southern Québec, Canada

Florig, H. Keith, Rodrigo Castillo-Perez, David Prevatt, and Rohit Tallur
Influencing Homeowners’ Hurricane Protection Decisions

Fujimoto, Shinya, Fuminori Kawami, and Shigeo Tatsuki
External and Internal Validation of the Disaster Schema-Initiated Evacuation Decision-Making Model

Gibb, Christine, Nnenia Campbell, Gabriella Meltzer, and Alice Fothergill
Experiences and Mobilities of Children and Seniors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Greene, Dana, Jessica Pardee, Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Shawna Bendeck, Marcilyn Cianfarani, Shruthi Dakey, Danielle Denardo, Christine Gibb, Simone Goertz, Rachael Hernandez, Priya Ranganath, and Jennifer Schneider
Research in Progress: Redefining Family Under COVID-19

Gyawali, Samata, Jane Allen, Olivia Vilá, Gretchen Caverly, and Gavin Smith
Capacity to Implement FEMA-HMA Grants: A Survey of State Hazard Mitigation Officers

Halkia, Georgia, Sanjoy Mazumdar, and Lisa Grant Ludwig
The Human Impact of Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Haque, Anmol, Jennifer Irish, and Yang Zhang
An Idealized Post-Disaster Recovery Study of a Coastal Community to Storm Hazards

Hillis, Vicken
Technology Adoption in Flood Risk Management in Idaho

Ho, Khanh, Minh Wicham, Dat Giap, Kim Lundgreen, Lea Ann Miyagawa, Diem Nguyen, Michelle Tran, and Christine Wilson Olsen
Centering Vietnamese Culture and Lived Experiences in COVID-19 Risk Communication

Hobbs, Tiegan, Yavuz Kaya, Murray Journeay, Gurdeep Singh, Alison Bird, John Cassidy, Joost van Ulden, and Drew Rotheram-Clarke
Developing a Rapid Disaster Modelling Methodology for Earthquakes in British Columbia

Honerkamp, Ryan, Grace Yan, Yi Zhao, and Zhi Li
Lessons Learned from Jefferson City, Missouri Tornado of May 22, 2019 and Large-Scale Tornado Simulator of WHAM Lab

Hore, Katherine, JC Gaillard, Gonevinaka Jane Leanda, Kalekana Research group, Lucy Kaiser, and David Johnston
Children as Researchers: Child Centered Disaster Risk Reduction in Fiji

Hoskova, Barbora, Courtney A. Colgan, Julia Medzhitova, Parker Killenberg, Alexa Riobueno-Naylor, Ann-Margaret Esnard, and Betty S. Lai
Supporting Schools in the Disaster Context: How Policies Shape Recovery Resources

Hwang, Seong Nam, Venu Kannegalla, and Farzana Shahnewaz
Relationships Between Potential Risk of Hazardous Material Releases and Socio-Economic Demographic Characteristics

Jamali, Mehdi, Ali Nejat, Saeed Moradi, Souparno Ghosh, and Guofeng Cao
Social Media Data and Housing Recovery Following Extreme Natural Events

Jansen, Craig, Keith Strmiska, Maria Esteva, Elaina Sutley, and Nathanael Rosenheim
An Interactive Data Curation and Publication Pipeline for Interdisciplinary Researchers in Natural Hazards

Jeong, Sangman, Kukryul Oh, Oubae Sim, and Sunghyun Lee
An Analysis of Water Circulation Improvement Effect by the Application of LID

Jeschke, Nathan, Stephanie Zarb, and Kristin Taylor
The Role of Tabletop Exercises in Risk Perception and Mitigation

Joe, Martin
Fun, Friendly, and Functional: Opportunity for LEGO® Bricks to Foster Children’s Power

Kaiser, Rebecca, Ibraheem Karaye, Ya'u Adamu, and Jennifer Horney
Hemodialysis Clinics in Flood Zones: A Case Study of Hurricane Harvey

Kawami, Fuminori, Anna Matsukawa, and Shigeo Tatsuki
Differential Impacts of Social Vulnerabilities on Housing Recovery

Kim, Youn-Hee and Sung-Hee Kim
Crisis Communication Practice under the COVID-19 Outbreak in South Korea

Kostecky, Eric and Patrick Lawrence
Impacts of 2019 High Water Levels on Great Lakes Parks and Protected Areas

Lee, Jessica and Shannon Van Zandt
Inequity in Stormwater Infrastructure Development: Findings from Neighborhoods in Houston, Texas

Li, Qiuxi and Tracy Deliberty
Integrating Drone, Participatory Mapping, and GIS to Enhance Resiliency for Remote Villages

Lin, C-C. Rosie, H-C. Tristan Wu, Haley Murphy, and Shih-Kai Huang
College Students’ Tornado Risk Information Preferences

Lynn, Stacy, Gregory Newman, Dani Lin Hunter, and Sarah Newman
Citizen Science Support for Natural Hazards Preparation, Documentation, and Recovery Action

Matos, Melina, Phillip Gilbertson, Sierra Woodruff, Sara Meerow, Malini Roy, and Bryce Hannibal
Hazard Mitigation vs. Climate Change Adaptation Plans–Are There Overlaps Between Plans? A Case Study of Boston

Matsukawa, Anna, Fuminori Kawami, Aya Tsujioka, Junko Murano, and Shigeo Tatsuki
Impact Evaluation of Capacity-Building Model of People with Disabilities in Disasters Times

McNeill, Charleen, Betsy Garrison, and Timothy Killian
Measuring Community Resilience: An Empirical Evaluation of Two Instruments

Moradi, Saeed and Ali Nejat
RecovUS: An Agent-Based Model of Post-Disaster Household Recovery

Oven, Katie, Nick Rosser, Shubheksha Rana, Gopi Krishna Basyal, and Mark Kincey
Science, Policy and the Everyday Realities of Landslide Risk in Post-Earthquake Nepal

Paquin, Vincent, Suzanne King, Guillaume Elgbeili, David P. Laplante, Alain Brunet, Michael O'Hara, James Pennebaker, Rebecca Lipshutz, David Olson, and Johanna Bick
Efficacy of Expressive Writing to Reduce Post-Disaster Distress: The Harvey Mom Study

Pedersen, Katherine, Nicole Errett, Himanshu Grover, and Youngjun Choe
Documenting the Impact of Lifeline Service Disruptions on Healthcare System Performance Following Earthquakes Since 2000: A Reconnaissance Report Analysis

Peek, Lori, Jessica Austin, and Heather Champeau
Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Network and Web Map

Pudlo, Jason
Measuring the State of Disaster Preparedness among Houses of Worship

Purdum, Carlee, Fayola Jacobs, Benika Dixon, Darien Williams, Richard Thomas, and Sloan Rucker
No Justice, No Resilience: Abolition of Police and Prisons as Hazard Mitigation

Rahman, Mohammad Mahbubur, Md. Tarak Aziz, Sharaban Nasmi, Maliha Momotaj Himu, and Md. Saiful Islam
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Livelihoods and Food Security in Bangladesh

Rai, Pranjali and Himanshu Grover
Area-specific Annual Average Temperature Rise in United States

Rajaram, Vageeswar, Sungho Kang, Zhenyun Qian, and Matteo Rinaldi
Zero Power Wireless Flame Sensors for Ubiquitous and Persistent Remote Fire Monitoring

Rowan, Sebastian and Kyle Kwiatkowski
Assessing the Relationship Between Social Vulnerability, Social Capital, and Housing Resilience

Saunders, Wendy and Gavin Smith
A Comparative Review of Hazard-Prone Housing Acquisition Laws, Policies, and Programs in the United States and Aotearoa, New Zealand

Scott, Blake, Beatrice Smith, Megan Montoya, Ahlam Farzan, Melanie Cruz, Elizabeth Dunn, Mitchell Jaskela, Santiago Hernandez Bojorge, Madeleine LaGoy, Nicholas Thomas, Anthony Masys, and Jennifer Marshall
Recommendations for Improving Emergency Preparedness During Hurricanes for Pregnant Women and Families

Smiley, Kevin
Racial Inequalities in Flooding Inside and Outside of Floodplains during Hurricane Harvey

Smithhisler, Nora, Nina Burkardt, Kristin Ludwig, and Dale Cox
SAFRR Scenario Evaluation: Disaster Risk Reduction and the Culture of Preparedness

Straub, Jessamin, Katherine Chambers, and Joshua Murphy
Recommendations for a Resilient Path Forward for the Marine Transportation System

Strover, Sharon, Maria Esteva, and Soyong Park
Exploring Ethics in the Lifecycle of Natural Hazards Open Data

Sypniewski, Jaimlyn and Ronni Wilcock
Flipside of Environmental Impact Statements: Indexing Risks the Environment Poses to Projects

Takenouchi, Kensuke, Motohiro Honma, Katsuya Yamori, and Yasushi Suzuki
Simulated Real-Time Training Tool and Exercises for Disaster Response

Tao, Hoang and Monica Farris
Repetitive Flood Loss Area Analysis for the City of New Orleans

Thuss, Rosemary, Jennifer Horney, Chris Kearns, and Naveen Poonai
Nurses’ Perception of Readiness for Mass Casualty Events Involving Children

Toland, Joseph and Anne Wein
Modeling Emergency Food and Water Requirements in a Disaster for Vulnerable Communities

Tsujioka, Aya, Shinya Fujimoto, Fuminori Kawami, Anna Matsukawa, and Shigeo Tatsuki
Inclusion Managers’ Competencies Which Spanning Multiple Stakeholders and Boundaries

Van Zandt, Shannon, Michelle Meyer, Jaimie Hicks Masterson, Chandler Wilkins, and Erika Koeniger
What Makes a Strong Housing Recovery Plan?: Development of Evaluation Metrics

Vilhauer, Heather, Robby Layton, Chris Cares, Donna Kuethe, and Teresa Penbrooke
Parks and Recreation Organization Roles in Responding and Recovering from Natural Disasters

Villanueva, Marah Valerie and JC Gaillard
People’s Participation in Post-Disaster Resettlement

Wachtendorf, Tricia, Logan Gerber-Chavez, Karolina Flores, Shyaira Goodwyn-Dineen, Alice Johnson, Pryia Joshi, Abigail McFadden, Vincent Moore, Desiree Segovia, Jayde Shields, Natalie Walton, and Kylie Wierzbicki
COVID-19: University Student Experience During a Global Pandemic

Walia, Abhinav
Exploring the Dimensions of Geoinformatics for Flash Flood Response

Wang, Yi (Victor)
When the Sky Falls: An Overview of Extraterrestrial Natural Hazards

Watkins, Russell, Bill O’Dell, and Andrea Galinski
Affordable Housing and Coastal Flood Hazards

Watson, Maria, Phila Li, Indah Rahmadina, Chad Southerland, Andrew Farquhar, Bryn Stephens, Ashley Berd, and Selene Alaffa
Federal Disaster Spending: Trends and Observations Between 2003-2019

Weis, Nicole, Charles Benight, Joe Ruzek, and Carolyn Gery
Greater Resilience Intervention Team

Whytlaw, Jennifer, Wie Yusuf, Joshua Behr, Jennifer Marshall, and Elizabeth Dunn
Planning for Evacuation and Sheltering of Vulnerable Populations during a Compound Hurricane-Pandemic Threat

Xu, Ningzhe, Kaitai Yang, Ruggiero Lovreglio, and Xilei Zhao
Modeling Evacuation Decision-Making During Hurricane Irma

Yip, Jackie ZK and Murray Journeay
Neighborhood Vulnerability Archetypes–An Approach to Account for Social Vulnerability in Risk Reduction Planning