Researchers Meeting Abstracts Index

Adams, Rachel and Haorui Wu
Enhancing Our Healthcare Heroes’ Overall Well-Being

Ahmed, Md Ashraf, Arif Mohaimin Sadri, Piyush Pradhananga, Mohamed Elzomor, and Nipesh Pradhananga
Social Media Communication Patterns of Construction Stakeholders during Hurricane Michael

Aksha, Sanam, Christopher Emrich, and Yao Zhou
Social Vulnerability and Disaster Assistance Allocation in the U.S.

Alam, Mohammad Shafiqual, Barbara Simpson, and Andre Barbosa
Developing an Appropriate Fragility Function Database for Oregon Lifelines

Aldrich, Daniel
Social Ties, Quarantine Policy, and the Spread of COVID-19

Allaire, Maura
Can Social Media Enable Flood Risk Mitigation?

Anderson, Brooke
Exploring How to Connect Disaster Exposure Data with Human Impacts Research

Ballesteros, Linnel and Cristina Poleacovschi
Personal Resilience after Hurricane Maria in the Context of Informal Housing

Becker, Austin, Pam Rubinoff, Peter Stempel, Isaac Ginis, Sam Adams, Noah Hallisey, and Ellis Kalaidjian
Hazard Consequence Threshold Models for Emergency Management and Response Decision-Making

Borowski, Elisa and Amanda Stathopoulos
Resilience of Social Capital Networks to Social Distancing During COVID-19

Brune, Sara, Olivia Vila, Danielle Lawson, and Whitney Knollenberg
Family Farm Resilience and Challenges Under COVID-19 Containment Measures in North Carolina

Buitrón Vera, Gabriela
Considerations for Disaster Research: Reading Natural Disasters in Comic Books

Cao, Quoc Dung, Scott Miles, and Youngjun Choe
Infrastructure Recovery Curve Estimation using Gaussian Process Regression on Expert Elicited Data

Clay, Lauren and Britta Heath
Health and Social Consequences of Food Environment Disruption Due to COVID-19

Costa, Rodrigo and Jack Baker
An Integrated Approach for Predicting Post-Earthquake Household Displacement

Cowan, Kristen, Audrey Flak-Pennington, and Dana Flanders
Asthma-Related Emergency Department Visits in North Carolina Following Hurricane Irene

Dhakal, Sunil and Lu Zhang
Understanding the Interrelationships between Infrastructure Resilience and Social Equity

Dillard, Maria, Sara Hamideh, and Elaina Sutley
Measuring the Roles of Financial Resources in Housing Recovery

Errett, Nicole, Meghan McGinty, Katherine Pedersen, Michelle Seage, and Kimberley Shoaf
2019 Ridgecrest Earthquakes: Healthcare Closure, Evacuation, Reopening and Reentry Decision-Making

Esteva, Maria, Craig Jansen, Elaina Sutley, and Nathanael Rosenheim
Publishing Interdisciplinary Natural Hazards Data: A Curation Vision and Application in DesignSafe-CI

Fischer, Erica, Stefanie Schulze, Sara Hamideh, and Hussam Mahmoud
Wildfire Impacts on Schools and Hospitals Following the 2018 California Camp Fire

Fleischmann, Corinna, Brian Maggi, and Hudson Jackson
Educating Students About the Global Need for Coastal Resiliency

French, Steven
Data Sharing to Support Natural Hazards Research

Ge, Yue, Yago Martin, Sara Iman, and Siew Lim
Understanding Perceived Economic Value of the Satellite Enhanced Snowmelt Flood Predictions

Hanson, Thomas
A Paradise Transformed: Wildfire and the Production of Vulnerability in Lowland Bolivia

Hayward, Anna and Melissa Bessaha
The Role of Youth in Disaster Mitigation and Response: A Scoping Review

Helgeson, Jennifer, Eleanor Davis, Kirstin Dow, and Alfredo Roa-Henriquez
Resilience Planning and the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Theoretical Framework

Henrici, Jane Marie and Aojie Ju
Feeding Families in COVID-19-Quarantined Wuhan: Intersectional Adaptations to a Disaster

Hino, Miyuki, Todd BenDor, Jordan Branham, Nikhil Kaza, Nora Schwaller, Antonia Sebastian, and Shane Sweeney
Measuring Floodplain Management Parcel-by-Parcel in North Carolina

Hoskova, Barbora, Courtney A. Colgan, Julia Medzhitova, Belle Liang, and Betty S. Lai
Learning a Lesson: The Psychological Impact of COVID-19 on College Students

Huang, Shih-Kai, Amy Hyman, Sudha Arlikatti, Michael Lindell, Chin-Hsien Yu, and Chunlin Hua
Residents’ Perceptions of Information Sources Attributes and Their Responses to Emergencies

Huntsman, David, Alex Greer, Haley Murphy, and Lindsey Greco
Adaptive Performance in the Fire Service: Empowerment at Multiple Leadership Levels

Idziorek, Katherine, Cynthia Chen, and Daniel B. Abramson
Understanding the Potential for Resource Matching in Community Disaster Preparedness

Iuchi, Kanako
Post-Disaster Relocation Governance in Three Different Countries in Asia

Kasmalkar, Indraneel, Katherine Serafin, Yufei Miao, Avery Bick, Leonard Ortolano, Derek Ouyang, and Jenny Suckale
Resilience to Flood-related Traffic Disruption in the San Francisco Bay Area

Kendra, James
Disaster Research Ethics: Toward a Prosocial Perspective

Kennedy, Eric
Emergency Epistemologies: Rethinking Post-Event Disaster Research Models

Khajehei, Sayma and Divya Chandrasekhar
Pre-planning for Post-disaster Rehousing of Public Housing Residents

Kitamura, Miwako
Aging Japanese Society’s Vulnerability through the Gender Lens

Lakhina, Shefali
Care in Disaster Research and Practice

Lallemant, David, Sabine Loos, Jamie McCaughey, Nama Budhathoki, and Feroz Khan
Building Transparent, Human-Centric Tools to Rapidly Assess Post-Disaster Impacts and Needs

Lawrence, Jennifer
Measure, Monitor, Manipulate: Metrics as Performative Environmental Governance

Lazrus, Heather and Thomas Hanson
Cultivating Capacity through Social Media to Alleviate Vulnerability: Insights from Hurricane Sandy

Li, Xiangyu, Tony McAleavy, and Haejun Park
Residents’ Perceptions of Local Government Performance in a Mass Pandemic Response

Linge, Priyanka, Md Ashraf Ahmed, Md Nizamul Hoque Mojumder, M Ahmed Rusho, and Arif Mohaimin Sadri
Developing a Crisis Communication and Resource Sharing Platform for Efficient Disaster Response

Linge, Priyanka, Samir Pandey, M Ahmed Rusho, Md Nizamul Hoque Mojumder, Md Ashraf Ahmed, and Arif Mohaimin Sadri
#COVID19: Identifying Societal Response and Impacts of Coronavirus through Social Media Interactions

Liu, Zhanlin, Pariyakorn Maneekul, Claire Pendergrast, Annie Doubleday, Scott Miles, Nicole Errett, and Youngjun Choe
Assessing Disaster Recovery Using Physical Activity Monitoring Data

Losey, Clare, Kijin Seong, and Shannon Van Zandt
“The Waters Will Rise Again”: Recounting Resilience and Recovery Among HMGP Recipients

Louis-Charles, Hans, Farah Nibbs, Rosalyn Howard, and Lionel Remy
Justice Framework for Post Disaster Field Research in the Caribbean Region

Lv, Xuan and Lu Zhang
Automatic Key-Phrase Extraction to Support the Understanding of Infrastructure Disaster Resilience

Manandhar, Barsha and N.Emel Ganapati
Governing the Collaborative Network: A Case Study of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake

Martell, Matthew, Scott Miles, and Youngjun Choe
Modeling of Lifeline Infrastructure Restoration Using Empirical Quantitative Data

Mathews, Mason, Jamie Vickery, Lori Peek, Luther Green, and Haorui Wu
Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Interorganizational Relationships within State-Level VOADs

McConnell, Kathryn, Elizabeth Fussell, Jack DeWaard, Stephan Whitaker, Kobie Price, and Katherine Curtis
The Effects of Wildfire Damage on Migration Patterns

Meng, Lingyu and Zhijie Sasha Dong
Mining Public Opinion on Twitter about Disaster Response Using Machine Learning Techniques

Meng, Sisi and Pallab Mozumder
The Determinants of Property Damage: Evidence from Hurricane Sandy

Mitsova, Diana, Ann-Margaret Esnard, Alka Sapat, Yanmei Li, and Ross Einsteder
Big Data Applications to Address Disparities in Power Restoration after Hurricane Michael

Mojumder, Md Nizamul Hoque, Md Ashraf Ahmed, M. Ahmed Rusho, Mohamed Elzomor, and Arif Mohaimin Sadri
Exploring Community-Centered Disaster Education and Training Mechanisms to Advance Resilience Capacity

Mosby, Kim and Traci Birch
Inland from the Coast: The Multi-Scalar Connection between Policy, Development, and Resilience

Mukai, Ryohei, Kohji Tanaka, Kensuke Takenouchi, Ryosuke Nisizawa, and Hideyuki Tamaki
Effects of Incorporating Disaster Prevention Awareness and Actions into Daily Customs

Nguyen, Lan, Ann Bostrom, and Daniel Abramson
The Role of Social Capital in Earthquake Disaster Preparedness in Washington State

Olson, Laura and Susanna Hoffman
Hope, Loss, and Change

Pandey, Samir, M Ahmed Rusho, and Arif Mohaimin Sadri
Identifying Critical Factors Affecting Disaster Resilience Capacity of Major Construction Sites

Pavlacic, Jeffrey M., Marcela C. Weber, Victoria A. Torres, Stefan E. Schulenberg, and Erin M. Buchanan
Psychological Functioning and Preparedness for Students Quarantined During COVID-19

Peek, Lori, Heather Champeau, Jessica Austin, Mason Mathews, and Haorui Wu
An Analysis of the Methods Social Scientists Use to Study Extreme Events

Peek, Lori, Jennifer Tobin, Rachel Adams, Haorui WU, and Mason Matthews
NHERI-CONVERGE: A Framework for Convergence Research in Hazards and Disaster

Perez-Lugo, Marla, Cecilio Ortiz-Garcia, Frances Gonzalez, Adriana Castillo, and Haorui Wu
An International Comparison of University Students Evicted During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Purdum, Carlee, Kyle Breen, Michelle Meyer, Stuart Nolan, and Brant Mitchell
Virtual Ethnography: Emergent Groups, Social Media, and New Technology

Qin, Hua, Christine Sanders, and Yanu Prasetyo
Dynamic Risk Perception and Behavior in Response to COVID‑19: Preliminary Findings

Rachunok, Benjamin and Roshanak Nateghi
Natural Hazard Twitter Analyses Depend Heavily On Tweet Sources

Reyes Nunez, Reyna
Global Efforts on Gender Equality and Vulnerability to Climate Change

Rifai, Hanadi, Cynthia Castro, and Amin Kiaghadi
The Big Data Divide between Science, Reality, and Perception of Natural Disasters

Rinaldo, Rachel, Ian Whalen, and Asha Failor-Wass
Gender, Households, and the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States

Roy, Malini, Leah Campbell, Philip Berke, Matthew Malecha, and Sierra Woodruff
Spatially Assessing Flood Risk, Social Vulnerability and Effectiveness of Land-use Policies

Schwaller, Nora and Todd BenDor
Differential Residential Perspectives on In-Situ Protection and Retreat for Climate Adaptation

Scovell, Mitchell, Daniel Smith, Connar McShane, and Anne Swinbourne
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Hurricane Vulnerability

Shaw, Vivian, Jason Beckfield, Cynthia Wang, Mu Wu, Rachel Kuo, Kara Takasaki, Christina Ong, and Amy Zhang
Asian American and Pacific Islander Businesses and Workers During COVID-19

Soden, Robert, Dennis Wagenaar, Annegien Tijssen, Dave Luo, and Caroline Gevaert
Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Risk Management

Sogabe, Tetsuto and Norio Maki
Estimating the Long-term Social Impact by the 1995 Kobe Earthquake

Stephens, Keri K., Brett W. Robertson, and Dhiraj Murthy
Using Photo-Elicitation Interviewing to Capture Private Social Media Shared During Rescues

Sullivan, Esther, Carrie Makarewicz, and Andrew Rumbach
Environmental Inequalities and Mobile Home Parks: Housing Stratification Across Houston Metro Area

Sutley, Elaina and Jae Kim
How to Characterize Rural Resilience when Your Sample Posts KEEP OUT Signs

Sutley, Elaina, Sara Hamideh, Maria Dillard, and Jae Kim
Measuring the Dynamics of Social Vulnerability: From Flood Exposure through Recovery

Szczyrba, Laura, Yang Zhang, Duygu Pamukçu, and Derya Ipek Eroglu
Quantifying the Role of Vulnerability in Hurricane Damage with Machine Learning Algorithms

Tadepalli, Sanjana, Tian Ning Lim, Feroz Khan, and David Lallemant
Towards a Protocol for Ethical Research in Post-Disaster Contexts in Southeast Asia

Tanner, Alexa and Stephanie Chang
Planning for Community Resilience to Natural Hazards: Emergency Preparedness Across Canadian Communities

Turner, Katlyn and Danielle Wood
Invisible Variables: Personal Security Among Vulnerable Populations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Vila, Olivia, Laura Bray, and Bethany Cutts
Using Ethics to Inform Design: Project BRIDGE in Robeson County, North Carolina

Vinoski Thomas, Erin, Rachel Odunlam, Sombal Bari, and Bridgette M. Schram
Effects of COVID-19 on Individuals with Disabilities and Direct Support Professionals

von Meding, Jason, Ksenia Chmutina, and Colin Tucker Smith
Framing Disasters as "Natural" has Unintended Consequences

Wang, Qiong and Yang Zhang
What Drives Hazard Mitigation Policy Adoption? Floodplain Property Buyout in Virginia

Watson, Maria, Yu Xiao, Jennifer Helgeson, and Maria Dillard
Using Survey Data to Quantify Household Dimensions Affecting Business Recovery

Wehde, Wesley and Junghwa Choi
All-Hazards Federalism: Comparing Public Risk Management Preferences across Government Levels and Hazards

Yu, Siyu, Matthew Malecha, and Philip Berke
Examining Factors Influencing Plan Integration for Community Resilience in Six Coastal Cities

Zhang, Chenyi and Qiu Wei
Parental Stress and Young Children’s Development During COVID-19

Zhao, Tingting and Kenneth Harrison
Learning to Identify Critical Components for Infrastructure Systems through Network Embedding

Zhao, Xilei, Ruggiero Lovreglio, and Daniel Nilsson
Applying Machine Learning to Investigate Human Behavior in Disasters