Research and Practice Highlights Index

Ahrentzen, Sherry, Abdulnaser Arafat, Andrea Galinski, Jim Martinez, Diep Nguyen, Bill O’Dell, Anne Ray, Russell Watkins, and Doug White
Shimberg Center for Housing Studies, University of Florida

Banford Witting, Alyssa
Couples Outcomes in Catastrophic Situations

Belblidia, Miriam, Klie Kliebert, Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, and Jacqueline J. Ratner
Mutual Aid Response Networks for Concurrent Disasters: COVID-19 Pandemic and 2020 Hurricane Season

Breen, Kyle, Michelle Meyer, Carlee Purdum, Stuart Nolan, Brant Mitchell, Abigail Bowers, Arthur Chambers, Romel Fernandez, Jackson Pierce, and Nathan Young
Organized Behavior in Disaster: A New Typology Model for Future Disaster Research

Brennan, Christopher
Analysing the Significance of Social Vulnerability on the Incidence Rate of West Nile and Dengue Virus in the United States

Chang, Heejun, Arun Pallathadka, Sauer Jason, Rae Zimmerman, Ryan Brenner, Chingwen Cheng, Nancy Grimm, David Iwaniec, Yeowon Kim, Robert Lloyd, Timon McPherson, Bernice Rosenzweig, Tiffany Troxler, and Claire Welty
Understanding Urban Flooding Vulnerability through a Social-Ecological-Technological Systems (SETS) Lens

Chaudhury, Moushumi and Mark Way
Linking Disaster Risk Reduction to Climate Change Adaptation (Practice Highlight)

Danis, Christina
Choosing a Resilience Partner: A Comparative Study of Regional Natural Hazard Preparedness

Day, Wayne, Shannon Van Zandt, and Walt Peacock
Multifamily Housing Recovery

Edge, Billy, Julio Ramirez, Lori Peek, Antonio Bobet, William Holmes, Ian Robertson, and Thomas Smith
Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) Five Year Science Plan: Multi-Hazard Research to Make a More Resilient World, Second Edition

Ellis, Michael, Aileen Guzman, Hung Quang Bui, Andres Payo, Tuan Anh Nguyen, Greg Bankoff, Anthony Schrag, Thanh Thi Nhat Nguyen, Joel Gill, Anh Phan, Angelo Galindo, Thang Quang Luu, Dong Van Pham, Hang Thuy Dao, Tat Thanh Duong, Raushan Arnhardt, and Nicole Manley
Multi-hazards and Resilience of Rapidly Expanding City-Catchments: 1. The Project

Etkin, David and Peter Timmerman
Narratives of Disaster: Sensemaking in Crisis

Farris, Monica, Marla Nelson, Pamela Jenkins, Nina Balan, and Elizabeth Maxwell
Capacity and Change in Climate Migrant-Receiving Communities Along the U.S. Gulf

Fayazi, Mahmood, Lisa Bornstein, Gonzalo Lizarralde, Nathalie Barrette, and Manel Djemel
The Impacts of Post-flood Interventions on Households, Neighborhoods and Cities in Quebec

Fleischmann, Corinna, Brian Maggi, and Hudson Jackson
Project-Based Approach to Educating Students About the Global Need for Coastal Resiliency

Friedland, Carol, Monica Farris, Pamela Jenkins, Yongcheol Lee, Robert Rohli, Arash Taghinezhad, Ehab Gnan, Rubayet Bin Mostafiz, and Hoang Tao
Incentives and Barriers to Increased Freeboard to Enhance Flood Resilience: Louisiana Perspectives

Gallis, Michael and Stephen Jordan
Co-Evolution–A Systems Framework to Shape the Future

Gampell, Anthony, JC Gaillard, Meg Parsons, and Loïc Le Dé
Beyond Stop Disasters 2.0: Emphasizing the Role of the Meta-Game for Learning

Gibb, Christine, Nnenia Campbell, Gabriella Meltzer, and Alice Fothergill
Experiences and Mobilities of Children and Seniors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Goodrich, Kristen, Sarah Watson, and Susanne Moser
Responding to the Need for Trauma-Aware Risk Communication

Grasz, Erna and Nancy Suski
Building Resilience Through Education and Leadership

Harrison, Sara, Sally Potter, Raj Prasanna, Emma E.H. Doyle, and David Johnstons
Exploring Data Needs and Opportunities for Severe Weather Impact-based Forecasting and Warnings

Helgeson, Jennifer, Alfredo Roa-Henriquez, and Juan Fung
Business Recovery From a Pandemic in the Face of Natural Hazard Risks

Hutton, Nicole, Joshua Behr, Elizabeth Dunn, Jennifer Marshall, Wie Yusuf, Carol Considine, Rafael Diaz, Saige Hill, Kelsey Merlo, and Jennifer Whytlaw
Evacuation and Sheltering of Vulnerable Populations in a Hurricane-Pandemic

Jamali, Mehdi, Ali Nejat, Saeed Moradi, Souparno Ghosh, and Guofeng Cao
Social Media Data and Housing Recovery Following Extreme Natural Events

Jeong, Sangman, Leehyung Kim, Hayong Kim, and Jungmin Lee
Development of Smart Integrated Management Technologies for Urban Water Resources

Jordan, Stephen and Leann Hackman-Carty
Lessons Learned From the Resilience READI(c) Implementation Pilot

Lallemant, David, Sabine Loos, Nama Budhathoki, Feroz Khan, and Jamie McCaughey
Mapping and Integrating Social Vulnerability Into Post-Disaster Impact Assessments: The 'Informatics for Equitable Recovery' Project

Lallemant, David, Sabine Loos, Nama Budhathoki, Feroz Khan, and Jamie McCaughey
Mapping and Integrating Social Vulnerability into Post-Disaster Impact Assessments: The 'Informatics for Equitable Recovery' Project

LaLone, Nicolas
Reality of Technology Use in Emergency Management Versus the Fantasy of Designers

Lam, Nina S. N.
Cultivating Interdisciplinary Computation and Analysis of Resilience

Lambie, Emily, David Johnston, Raj Prasanna, Max Stephens, Marion Tan, Nilani Rangika, Sara Harrison, Yasir Imtiaz Syed, Ayisha Siddiqua Shaik, John Hopkins, and Helen O’Connor
Smart Resilient Cities: Understanding Socio-Technical Trends Shaping Disaster Resilience in Urban Environments

Lee, Hsiang-Chieh, Chuan-Zhong Deng, and Hongey Chen
Trust in Government, Social Determinants, and Resource Distribution After a Catastrophic Typhoon

Lee, Hsiang-Chieh, Mei-Chun Lin, Ming Jen Chuang, and Chih-Hsin Chang
Cost-Benefit Assessment for Soil and Water Conservation Engineering

Lee, Hsiang-Chieh, Su-Ying Chen, Ming Jen Chuang, Chih-Hao Hsu, Sheng-Chi Lin, Chia-Ying Lin, Tzu-Yin Chang, Hsieh Lung Sheng, and Hongey Chen
Building Resilient Cities to Extreme Disaster Events

LeNoble, Chelsea, Allison Kwesell, Kristin Horan, and Mindy Shoss
Effects of COVID-19 on Undergraduate Faculty and Students Across Disciplines

Lesen, Amy, Chloe Tucker, Matthew Olson, and Regardt Ferreira
Partnerships, Dissemination, and Outreach in a Gulf Coast Disaster Resilience Survey Project

Lichtveld, Maureen, Lanor Curole, Diane Austin, Matt Bethel, Shanondora Billiot, Hannah Covert, Monica Teets Farris, Jasmine Fournier, Brandon Keller, Ben McMahan, and Marla Nelson
Navigating Decision-Making in a Shifting Landscape for a Resilient United Houma Nation

Lin, Yolanda, Maricar Rabonza, and David Lallemant
Celebrating Successful Disaster Risk Reduction Through Counterfactual Probabilistic Risk Analysis

Linder, Michal
Trust and Resilience During COVID 19 - A Global Perspective

Lugo Bendezú, Raquel, Yahaira D. Álvarez, Jocelyn West, K. Stephen Hughes, Lindsay Davis, Jonathan Godt, and Lori Peek
Collaborative Risk Communication for Landslide Risk Reduction in Puerto Rico

McLaren, Lisa, David Johnston, Emma Hudson-Doyle, Julia Becker, and Denise Blake
Action Coping: Building Community Resilience Through Youth Climate Change Activism

Moradi, Saeed and Ali Nejat
RecovUS: An Agent-Based Model of Post-Disaster Household Recovery

Moulton, Melissa, Joe Zambon, Z George Xue, Ruoying He, Zafer Defne, Dongxiao Yin, Daoyang Bao, Haibo Zong, and John Warner
New Forecast Tools for Coastal Flooding and Contaminant Dispersal During Extreme Precipitation

Nack, Adina
Creating COVID-19 “Counterwaves”: Risk Communication and Health Education to Promote “Safer” Reopenings

Nelson, Marla, Renia Ehrenfeucht, Traci Birch, Anna Brand, and Jessica Williams
Beyond Buyouts: Adaptive Migration and the Need for Equitable Relocation Strategies

Nguyen, Tuan Anh, Aileen Guzman, Hung Quang Bui, Thi Nhat Thanh Nguyen, Hang Thuy Dao, Angelo Galindo, Anh Phan, Thang Quang Luu, Pham Van Dong, Tat Thanh Duong, Raushan Arnhardt, May Celine Vicente, Joel Gill, Nicole Manley, Anthony Schrag, Greg Bankoff, and Michael Ellis
Multi-hazards and Resilience of Rapidly Expanding City-Catchments: 2. The Approach

Nkrumah, Richard, Shawn Maxwell, Njoki Mwarumba, and Bryce Hoflund
Community Health Centers in Pandemic Preparedness Planning

Peek, Lori
COVID-19 Global Research Registry for Public Health and Social Sciences

Peek, Lori, Heather Champeau, Jessica Austin, Mason Mathews, and Haorui Wu
What Methods Do Social Scientists Use to Study Disasters? An Analysis of the Social Science Extreme Events Research Network

Peek, Lori, Emmanuelle Hines, Mason Mathews, and Jeffrey Gunderson
Global List and Interactive Web Map of University-Based Hazards and Disaster Research Centers

Peek, Lori, Jessica Austin, Elizabeth Bittel, Simone Domingue, and Melissa Villarreal
Helping Behaviors and Organized Action Among Young People After Hurricane Katrina

Peek, Lori and Simone Domingue
Federal Initiatives Focused on Children and Youth Across the Disaster Lifecycle

Peek, Lori, Jennifer Tobin, Paul Kovacs, and Sophie Guilbault
CONVERGE Extreme Events Research Check Sheets Series

Perez-Figueroa, Omar
Linking Water Governance and Disaster Resilience: Experiences From the Caribbean

Potter, Sally, Sara Harrison, Graham Leonard, Kristie-Lee Thomas, Janet Skilton, Natalie Balfour, Sue Harvey, Moka Apiti, Geoff Kilgour, and Maureen Coomer
Scoping out a Hazard and Impact Visualization Tool for New Zealand

Purdum, J. Carlee and Michelle Meyer
Prisoner Labor Throughout the Life Cycle of Disasters

Quinn, Rebecca, Leigh Chapman, Jeff Stone, and Dave Fowler
Understanding and Managing Flood Risk: A Guide for Elected Officials

Rashid, Mayeda, JC Gaillard, Kevin Ronan, Briony Towers, and Quamrul Alam
Through Children’s Eyes: DRR Education for Children, with Children and by Children

Rathje, Ellen, Lori Peek, and Joseph q Wartman
Social Science and Interdisciplinary Data Publication: A Partnership Between DesignSafe, CONVERGE, and RAPID Facilities

Ristroph, Elizaveta Barrett
Navigating Climate Change Adaptation Assistance for Communities: A Case Study of Newtok Village, Alaska

Roberts, Andrea and Jennifer Blanks
Developing Participatory Assessment & Mapping Tool to Support Disaster Mitigation Planning for Endangered, Historic Black Settlements & Cemeteries

Safran, Elizabeth, Peter Drake, Erik Nilsen, and Bryan Sebok
Using Novel Communication Tools to Understand and Motivate Earthquake Preparedness Behavior

Saunders, Wendy, Scott Kelly, Finn Scheele, Maureen Coomer, and Kristie-Lee Thomas
The Canary in the Community: Do Surf Life Saving Clubs Have a Role in Community Adaptation to Climate Change?

Serrant, Ted D.
Natural Hazards and Policy Changes in Dominica, 2012 to 2018

Slate, Ethan
Hazard Mitigation in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Straub, Jessamin, Katherine Chambers, and Joshua Murphy
Recommendations for a Resilient Path Forward for the Marine Transportation System

Sypniewski, Jaimlyn and Ronni Wilcock
Integrating Traditional Knowledge Into Climate Impact Statements for Indigenous Villages in Alaska

Tadepalli, Sanjana, David Lallemant, Feroz Khan, Tian Ning Lim, and Yolanda Lin
Towards Ethical Research in Post-disaster Settings in Southeast Asia

Tadepalli, Sanjana, David Lallemant, Tian Ning Lim, Yolanda Lin, and Feroz Khan
Towards Ethical Research in Post-disaster Settings in Southeast Asia

Team, Sajag-Nepal
Sajag-Nepal: Preparedness for the Mountain Hazard and Risk Chain in Nepal

The Pew Charitable Trusts, Staff
How States Pay for Natural Disasters in an Era of Rising Costs

Ton, Khanh, JC Gaillard, Carole Adamson, and Caglar Akgungor
Exploring Disaster Risk Faced by People With Disabilities Through a Capability Approach

Vickery, Jamie, Mason Mathews, Luther Green, Lori Peek, Aren Koenig, and Anita Drever
Evaluation of Save the Children’s Building State Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) Capacities to Protect Children in Emergencies

Villarreal, Melissa
How Service Providers Navigate Active and Passive Anti-Immigrant Disaster Recovery Policies

Wang, Yan and Lisa Platt
Examining Emergent Patterns in Twitter COVID-19 Risk Communication Congruency and Misinformation Diffusion

Wei, Hung-Lung
Exploring Household Preparedness for Volcanic Eruptions of Kīlauea and Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Weis, Nicole, Charles Benight, Joe Ruzek, and Carolyn Gary
Greater Resilience Intervention Teams

Wiener, John, Edward Thomas, Erin Capps, and Thomas Hughes
Natural Hazard Mitigation Association

Wild, David, Carol Rogers, Logan Paul, Mariem Loukil, Ike Obe, Soichi Hayashi, and William Liao
Initial Findings for the Analysis Platform for Risk, Resilience, and Expenditure (APRED)