Poster Session Frequently Asked Questions

This is our 45th Annual Natural Hazards Workshop and our first-ever virtual one! We, too, are learning as we go, so thank you in advance for your patience as we figure out this new system. For now, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and our responses. If after reviewing this list, you still have questions, please reach out to us at

How do the Poster Sessions work in PheedLoop?

If you are a poster presenter, you should have received an invitation to build out your exhibitor profile in Pheedloop. All instructions for doing so are under the “Exhibitor Instructions” tab in that space.

What types of media can I add to my Exhibitor Profile?

We recommend uploading a PDF of your poster for attendees to view and download. You are also invited to create a YouTube video of your poster presentation and add the URL to the poster profile in Pheedloop.

Do we each get our own personal profile or do we create one profile for the poster?

There is one profile per poster and one presenter will be listed for each poster.

Should the poster presentation video be a brief introduction or a long-form walk-through of the material?

For video content, this is really up to you! It can be a short welcome video of your information and a brief description of your poster, or a more in-depth walkthrough of each section of your poster. You can even use Zoom or another meeting platform to create the video with your poster displayed and your video over the poster. Just be creative, have fun, and engage the audience to get the most out of your experience!

Will the video be placed next to the poster so that viewers can explore the poster concurrently while watching the video, or does the platform only enable viewing of one at a time?

The video will display as a box on the page that will automatically play when people arrive. The poster will be a link that says “View Poster Here” and when it is clicked it will open the PDF in a new window in their browser where they can view or download the poster.