Frequently Asked Questions

This is our 45th Annual Natural Hazards Workshop and our first-ever virtual one! This is also, of course, our first virtual Researchers Meeting. We, too, are learning as we go, so thank you in advance for your patience as we figure out this new approach to gathering together. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and our responses. If after reviewing this list, you still have questions, please reach out to us at

Remote Technology Questions - All Participants:

What platform will you use for the Workshop and the Researchers Meeting?

We are using a system called Pheedloop for our virtual interface, while Zoom serves as the video conferencing service.

How do I log into Pheedloop?

If you have registered for the Workshop, you should have received an email from Pheedloop. It will contain your user name and a password that is unique to you. The password cannot be changed, so please do bookmark the page and save the email! If you have checked your spam folder and still did not receive this email, please let us know at

How do I update my Pheedloop profile?

Once you log-in to Pheedloop, in the left-hand navigation, click on the Account button. This will bring you to your profile page where you can add your photograph, post a brief bio, upload PDF’s relevant to your professional expertise, and add links to your social media accounts.

What's the best browser to use PheedLoop's virtual portal as an attendee?

Google Chrome on desktop will ensure the best possible experience for attendees.

I can't see the chat function in pheedloop. Help?

Pheedloop's chat function is only available on larger screens. If you are on a tablet or mobile, it maybe hidden.

Will we have call-in capabilities or will I have to use my computer to access the sessions?

You will need to use your computer to login to Pheedloop so you can have a more integrative and interactive experience.

My local computing device is very slow, should I conserve the RAM and the bandwidth of my own internet connection somehow?

Yes! The best way to have a clear connection through Pheedloop and Zoom is to completely close all other non-essential programs and browser tabs on your computer to preserve your Internet and computer speed.

How do I get help/tech support in real-time from the NHC team?

There are 3 ways to connect with us during the Workshop and Researchers Meeting:

  1. Use the chat box that appears in the bottom left of your Virtual Portal.
  2. Email us:
  3. Call us: (303) 735-5844

How do the time zones work in Pheedloop?

All sessions are scheduled in MDT. However, depending on your personal attendee settings and calendar settings, the times might appear in your local time zone. Please always refer to the Natural Hazards Center website schedule for session times, which are all listed in MDT:

How can I share Twitter announcements that everyone will see on the Pheedloop platform?

Please use the hashtag #HazWS for the Natural Hazards Workshop. Please use #HazRM for the Researchers Meeting.

What do we/I do if we get ZoomBombed during a session?

The Natural Hazards Center has assigned a host and co-host to each session. The Center director has instructed these persons to immediately end the session, should this nefarious activity occur.

Registration and Access:

Will my registration link for the Workshop work for the Researchers Meeting?

No. These are separate events so you will have two separate log-ins. You will need to register for each event if you plan to attend.

Can I use my registration link on multiple devices, such as on my laptop and my smartphone?

Your registration is attached to your email address and a unique password has been assigned to each Workshop and Researchers Meeting participant. You can log on to your multiple devices using that ID and password.

Remote Technology Questions - Moderators and Panelists:

How do I download and configure the Zoom client?

Prior to your session, please download the Zoom app here: Please text Zoom on your computer and configure your settings to allow Zoom to use your video and audio.

Do speakers sign into PheedLoop to participate in their panel?

No. Speakers must access a link via your virtual event streaming platform to conduct their speaking engagement. Speakers will need to join the Zoom link that was sent from the Natural Hazards Center. If you cannot find that email or your link, please contact Jennifer Tobin at

How can I best prepare for my panel session?

  • Please download the Zoom app to your computer for the best connection.
  • Please plan to login 15 minutes early for your session. You will note the start time for the Zoom meeting is already scheduled for 15 to 30 minutes before the designated session start time.
  • Test your computer video, microphone, and sound before your session.
  • Ensure you are in a quiet space with no background noise, if possible.
  • Turn off all non-essential programs and close non-essential browser tabs to save bandwidth and allow Zoom to run smoothly.
  • Ensure that all programs with alerts (e.g., email, news notifications) are shut down.
  • Ensure that powerpoint slides are open and ready for presenting. When you share your screen, make sure your slides are in full screen and ready to present.

How is the order of panelist presentations organized, by PheedLoop, Zoom, WS schedule?

This is up to your moderator and co-panelists. Please make the decision on speaker order before your session.

I need to share Powerpoint slides, how does the share screen function work?

If you need more help with learning how to share your screen, please watch this brief video from Zoom:

How do I pass off the screen share function for the next person to share?

To pass your screen to the next person, you must click the red button that says “Stop Share” so the next presenter can begin sharing their screen.

Will I be able to see the other Panelists?

Yes, all speakers will be able to see the gallery view of attendees and co-presenters. However, the audience will only see one video at a time.

Will the audience be able to type in questions in a chatbox?


How will the moderator identify questions – a chat feature, people virtually raising hands?

The moderator will be able to ask questions and see responses in the chat box. They are also welcome to call on audience members who can unmute themselves and answer questions live.

How will the questions be referred to specific panelists?

The moderator should ask attendees at the beginning of the session to please make sure and state the panelists name that questions are being directed to.

How do the moderator and panelists communicate?

Moderators and panelists can either verbally communicate or write private messages to each other in the chat box. Just make sure to choose the person you want the comment to reach.

How will timekeeping work?

It is the responsibility of the moderator to keep time for each speaker.


How and when do I get designated as a moderator/host/co-host in zoom?

The staff at the Natural Hazards Center will be serving as hosts and co-hosts, to ensure the success of the technology. We will also assign the moderator of each session as a host in Zoom, so that person has access to various controls.

How does the moderator communicate to the panelists their time limits, when to start, and to advance slides the moderator is controlling?

The moderator can do this verbally by gently “cutting in” and saying “you have a minute to go” or something along those lines. Also, please be creative! One moderator told us he plans to use his bicycle bell to “ding” panelists when they have two minutes remaining! We are all figuring this out, so please do be creative as you go!

How do we communicate with presenters if they are muted, the slides are not working, or the slides are not in full screen mode?

The moderator or the host of the session can step in and let presenters know if something is amiss with their screen sharing. In addition, if someone is muted, the moderator, host, and co-host for each session will have the ability to unmute people.

How do I mute/unmute myself and others during the presentation?

Panelists or participants can click on the unmute button (see the microphone icon) if they wish to speak.


Are there any PP templates for the workshop to use in PP?

No, the Natural Hazards Center does not provide these. We hope that you will share slides or images that are uniquely your own!

How do I add additional information to the presentation that the audience can open during the session or afterward?

All participants can upload PDF files to their personal page, via the Account setting. We hope you will share documents or files that way!

You may also add files or links to the chat box and/or send additional resources to your host to add to your session page after the session ends.

I am a presenter. Will I be able to share my own PowerPoint slides or other materials?

You are welcome to use your own Powerpoint Sides or any other digital tools you would like. All viewing will happen through screen sharing by presenters across participants, so you will just need to work with your session team to decide how to best manage visual materials.

Post-Workshop Archives:

Will the sessions be available after the Workshop and Researchers Meeting end?

All sessions will be recorded and made available to registered participants through the Pheedloop platform through September 1, 2020. These should be posted to the Pheedloop session pages the week following the Workshop and Researchers Meeting.

Can I pause watching a session and come back to it later?

Yes and no. While the pausing of the video will not save your spot once the session ends, you are welcome to return to that page following the Workshop and view the recorded video.

Will the questions and comments in the chat box be released?

Yes, chat box discussions will be saved and posted to the session page alongside video recording.

Where/when can I interact with the presenter besides the PheedLoop chat and networking functions?

We invite you to interact with people using the chat function in the Networking tab on the left column of the virtual portal.

Can I download the posters/videos for keeping?

Yes! You can download pdfs and watch the videos on YouTube as long as the presenter keeps it live.

Is there a roster of participants that is recorded?

You can see all of the attendees in the Networking tab.

Will the poster presentation video be published permanently with the poster anywhere after the conference?

All of the content on Pheedloop will be available to registrants until September 1. However, the video will need to be made on YouTube and be publicly available, so essentially, unless you remove it from YouTube, it will always be available to people.