Deliberate Data Tools to Inform Better Resilience Decisions

Thur. 8:00 to 9:15 a.m. MDT


Track 2: Data Science and 21st Century Ethics in Disaster Research

Big Data Applications to Address Disparities in Power Restoration after Hurricane Michael

Diana Mitsova, Florida Atlantic University
Ann-Margaret Esnard, Georgia State University
Alka Sapat, Florida Atlantic University

Building Transparent, Human-Centric Tools to Rapidly Assess Post-Disaster Impacts and Needs

David Lallemant, Earth Observatory of Singapore
Sabine Loos, Stanford University
Jamie McCaughey, ETH Zurich
Nama Budhathoki, Kathmandu Living Labs
Feroz Khan, Earth Observatory of Singapore

Learning to Identify Critical Components for Infrastructure Systems through Network Embedding

Tingting Zhao, University of Maryland
Kenneth Harrison, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Social Media Communication Patterns of Construction Stakeholders during Hurricane Michael

Md Ashraf Ahmed, Florida International University
Arif Mohaimin Sadri, Florida International University
Piyush Pradhananga, Florida International University
Mohamed Elzomor, Florida International University
Nipesh Pradhananga, Florida International University

The Determinants of Property Damage: Evidence from Hurricane Sandy

Sisi Meng, University of Notre Dame
Pallab Mozumder, Florida International University

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