Planning for Disaster Resilience

Thur. 9:30 to 10:45 a.m. MDT


Track 4: Governance for Disaster Resilience

Pre-planning for Post-disaster Rehousing of Public Housing Residents

Sayma Khajehei, University of Utah
Divya Chandrasekhar, University of Utah

Planning for Community Resilience to Natural Hazards: Emergency Preparedness Across Canadian Communities

Alexa Tanner, University of British Columbia
Stephanie Chang, University of British Columbia

Examining Factors Influencing Plan Integration for Community Resilience in Six Coastal Cities

Siyu Yu, Texas A&M University
Matthew Malecha, Texas A&M University
Philip Berke, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Resilience Planning and the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Theoretical Framework

Jennifer Helgeson, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Eleanor Davis, University of South Carolina
Kirstin Dow, University of South Carolina
Alfredo Roa-Henriquez, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Resilience to Flood-Related Traffic Disruption in the San Francisco Bay Area

Indraneel Kasmalkar, Stanford University
Katherine Serafin, University of Florida
Yufei Miao, Stanford University
Avery Bick, Stanford University
Leonard Ortolano, Stanford University
Derek Ouyang, Stanford University
Jenny Suckale, Stanford University

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