Development of Metrics, Models, and Big Data in Disaster Research

Thur. 2:00 to 3:15 p.m. MDT


NHERI-CONVERGE Presentation Slides

Track 2: Data Science and 21st Century Ethics in Disaster Research

The Big Data Divide between Science, Reality, and Perception of Natural Disasters

Hanadi Rifai, University of Houston
Cynthia Castro, University of Houston
Amin Kiaghadi, University of Houston

Virtual Ethnography: Emergent Groups, Social Media, and New Technology

Carlee Purdum, Texas A&M University
Kyle Breen, Louisiana State University
Michelle Meyer, Texas A&M University
Stuart Nolan, Louisiana State University
Brant Mitchell, Louisiana State University

Measure, Monitor, Manipulate: Metrics as Performative Environmental Governance

Jennifer Lawrence, Virginia Tech

NHERI-CONVERGE: A Framework for Convergence Research in Hazards and Disaster

Lori Peek, Natural Hazards Center
Jennifer Tobin, Natural Hazards Center
Rachel Adams, Natural Hazards Center
Haorui Wu, Dalhousie University
Mason Mathews, Arizona State University

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