Disasters and Media Communications Training Session

Sun. 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. MDT

Disaster researchers and practitioners have stories to tell and knowledge to spread—but communicating outside of silos can be HARD! Join us for an interactive session that will allow you to explore ways to communicate about your research and practice that you might not have considered. This training session will feature a carousel activity where participants will engage with journalists, editors, and content creators to generate ideas that can be applied to their own public communications efforts.

Action Items:

Worksheets: One hour before the session begins, there will be a list of worksheets for attendees to view and download here.

Pre-Session Survey: Prior to the start of the session, please fill out this survey to tell us about your expectations and any challenges you have had communicating your research to non-academic audiences. This will help us tailor our questions and answers accordingly.

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