The Mitigation Match: Connecting Potential Funders with Project Needs

Tue. 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. MDT

The harm and suffering caused by disasters often encourages community stakeholders to mitigate future loss, but adequate resources might not always be available to implement needed change. A plan for connecting community leaders with partnerships that can catalyze financial resources and human capital is critically needed. This session will describe such a concept—tentatively called The Mitigation Match—that could lead to the development of an online portal or other outlet where local, state, tribal, and territorial governments can circulate the types of projects they want to implement. In turn, private sector entities, philanthropic organizations, and perhaps even other government agencies could identify the projects they want to support or suggest others they are interested in investing in. Panelists will discuss how such a system might work and collect feedback on concerns and considerations for moving forward.

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