Submission Guidelines

We will soon be accepting abstract submissions for two categories—Research and Practice Highlights and Poster Sessions. Submissions must be 250 words or less and include a separate listing of title, author/co-authors, and affiliations. Abstracts should adhere to professional writing standards. Author names and order should be entered exactly as you would like it to appear online and in the print program.

The call for submissions is not yet open. Please check back here soon for links to submission forms!

Guidelines for both categories are as follows:

Research and Practice Highlights

Do you have something new that you want to share with members of the hazards and disaster community?

Research and Practice Highlights are all about shining a bright light on new projects, programs, initiatives, local/state/national policies, and noteworthy publications.

Highlights are brief descriptions of your work or current projects. They are not for presentation, but rather, they will be posted online and in the printed Workshop program. This outlet allows all participants the opportunity to share what they are doing and to maximize networking potential.

Poster Session Abstracts

Are you interested in preparing a professional poster detailing your recent research, initiative, or project?

Poster Session participants will be assigned a 4x4-foot vertical space to display a professionally formatted and printed poster highlighting recent work. There will be two distinct rounds of poster presentations. If your abstract is accepted, Natural Hazards Center staff will assign you to either a Sunday or Monday night poster session. At least one author must be available to present the poster on their designated evening. Abstracts for accepted poster submissions will be published online and in the print Workshop program.