Researchers Meeting Abstract Submission Form

Thank you for contributing to the 2024 Researchers Meeting, which will be held July 17-18, 2024, in Broomfield, Colorado. The Researchers Meeting will begin immediately after the close of the Annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop.

We invite Researchers Meeting abstract submissions from all disciplines focused on any topic related to hazards and disasters.

Researchers Meeting abstracts are due January 26, 2024.

Researchers Meeting Abstract Submission

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Please submit a research abstract that describes your project or paper. Include key research questions, methods, results, and practical implications.

If accepted, the version submitted here will be lightly edited and published online, so please ensure that your submission adheres to professional writing standards. The abstract should be written in the third person, proper nouns should be capitalized, all acronyms should be spelled out on first use, and the use of contractions should be avoided. Because researchers from many disciplines attend this meeting, technical abstracts should be written in accessible language. Please see the Natural Hazards Center abstract submission guidelines for more details.

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You will receive a notification of whether the abstract was accepted or declined by March 1, 2024. Due to the volume of submissions received, not all abstracts will be chosen for presentation, but we encourage you to participate in the meeting, regardless of the abstract submission decision. If your abstract is chosen, you will be expected to register for the Researchers Meeting by April 1, 2024, or your abstract will be removed from the program. Thank you for your research and for your submission.