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Abukhalaf, Amer Hamad Issa
Studying the Impact of Housing Conditions on Hurricane Preparedness Intentions in Florida

Abukhalaf, Amer Hamad Issa, Jason von Meding, Jake Dooling, and Deyaaldeen Abusal
Assessing International Students’ Vulnerability to Hurricanes: University of Florida Case Study

Abukhalaf, Amer Hamad Issa, Abdallah Y Naser, Sharon Cohen, Jason von Meding, Deyaaldeen Abusal, and Haleh Mehdipour
Evaluating the Mental Health of International Students During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Anderson, Kelly and Maria Dillard
Conceptualizing and Measuring Community Recovery From Disasters

Arriaga Serrano, Carlos
Abidjan, Ivory Coast: Floods, Displacements, and Corrupt Institutions

Aryal, Komal and Yi-Chung Liu
Engaging Youth in Disaster Risk Management: LEGO as a Collaborative Learning Tool

Austin, Jessica, Heather Champeau, and Lori Peek
Social Science Extreme Events Research (SSEER) Network: 2018-2020 Census Reports

Ayala, Yajaira
Nepantla: Defying Notions of Vulnerability and Resiliency During COVID-19—An Autoethnographic Approach

Bekkaye, Jasmine and Navid Jafari
Disaster Debris Removal and Quantification: A Case Study Following Hurricane Harvey

Chandrasekhar, Divya, Ivis Garcia, Mark Padilla, Nazife Ganapati, Robert Olshansky, and Tasnim Tarannum Isaba
How Stakeholder Interdependencies Affect Household Decision-Making About Post-Disaster Relocation in Puerto Rico

Chiba, Yoshihiro, Nagahisa Hirayama, Nobuo Arai, Kazuyasu Nomura, and Nobuo Fukuwa
Common Operational Pictures (COP) in Coordinated Disaster Preparedness Planning in Japan

Clark, Athena, Jennifer Bruce, Julia Prokopec, and Lauren Privette
Communicating Flood Risk by Connecting Infrastructure Elevations to Real-Time Streamgage Data

Coleman, Natalie, Jared DeLeon, and Dr. Ali Mostafavi
Human Activity and Mobility Data Reveal Disparities in Exposure Risk Reduction

Dyck, Sydney
Disaster Capitalism and the Myth of Returning to Normal During COVID-19

Evans, Candace, Rachel Adams, Zoe Lefkowitz, and Lori Peek
CONVERGE Training Modules: Free Education for Hazards and Disaster Researchers and Practitioners

Fraser, Roni
Exploring the Juxtaposition in Mental Health Outcomes Between Disaster and Non-Disaster Volunteers

Gan Chowdhury, Arindam, Amal Elawady, Hermann Fritz, Catherine Gorlé, Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Frank Lombardo, Pedro Lomonaco, Forrest Masters, Kristin Taylor, John van de Lindt, Paul Vasilescu, and Ioannis Zisis
Design of National Testing Infrastructure for Community Hardening in Extreme Events

Gangwal, Utkarsh, Shangjia Dong, and A.R Siders
Road Criticality and Resource Redundancy Mapping in Delaware Coastal Community

Gibb, Christine, Nnenia Campbell, Gabriella Meltzer, Alice Fothergill, Elizabeth Siegfried, Osasenaga Iyalekhue, Raina Barara, Olivia Alleyne, and Alexandra Repper
Life in COVID: Experiences and Mobilities of Children, Youth, and Older Adults

Gruenfeld, Robin, Sarah DeYoung, Skye Wheeler, and Kasey Rivas
Environmental Justice for Equitable Birth Outcomes: Disasters, Displacement and Human Services

Hall, Tilly
Locked In, Locked Out, Locked Down: COVID-19 in English and Welsh Prisons

Heyland, Lindsay and Haorui Wu
Human-Animal Interactions and Disaster: A Systematic Literature Review

Hwang, Seong Nam and Kayla Meier
Mapping Physical, Socioeconomic, and Demographic Wildfire Risks in California

Islam, Md Sariful and Thomas W. Crawford
Geospatial Modeling of Shoreline Movement in the Meghna River Region in Bangladesh

Islam, Tania and Pallab Mozumder
Understanding Mental Health Challenges Following Hurricane Harvey

Jalloul, Hiba, Ahmad Alshami, Juyeong Choi, Derek Manheim, and Nazli Yesiller
Lessons Learned from 2020-2021 Extreme Events: Recommendations for Sustainable Disaster Debris Management

Jamal, Tasnuba Binte, Samiul Hasan, and Pallab Mozumder
Factors Associated With Duration of Power Outages Due to Hurricanes

Jeong, Sangman, Shinbum Hwang, Jongryul Park, Kukryul Oh, and Tae Sung Cheong
Application of Rainfall-Runoff Method in Small Streams of Korea

Kapalo, Katelynn, Christine Toh, Tera Maher, and Lindsey Langdon
Enhancing Community Risk Reduction Efforts: Technology-Mediated Self-Reporting Tools for Emergency Preparedness

Karaye, Ibraheem, Ismaeel Yunusa, Trishnee Bhurosy, and Jennifer Horney
Vulnerability of Opioid Treatment Facilities to Flooding in Harris County, Texas

Kruczkiewicz, Andrew, Carolynne Hultquist, and Maya Dutta
Are Vulnerable Populations Left Out of Federal Flood Risk Mitigation Efforts?

Li, Yueqi, Alex Greer, Hao-Che Wu, and David Huntsman
Modeling Household Hazard Adjustment Intentions to Tornados and Techna Earthquakes in Oklahoma

Lucini, Barbara
Climate Change, Adaptation, and Environmental Extremism: A Resilient Perspective

Manheim, Derek, Marissa Matsler, Nazli Yesiller, Juyeong Choi, and James Hanson
Integrating Social Equity Into a Sustainable Post-Disaster Materials Management Decision Support Framework

Marchezini, Victor and Lori Peek
Multidisciplinary Research Methods for Building People-Centered Multi-Hazard Warning Systems

Matsler, Marissa
Understanding Social Dynamics of Disaster Waste and Debris Management Decisions and Conflicts

McDuffie, Joshua and Janey Camp
Risk Education for All: Methods and Applications for Developing a Risk-Literate Society

McNeill, Charleen, Grace Whaley, Elisabeth Ponce Garcia, M. E. Betsy Garrison, and Robert Rohli
Does Family Resilience Predict Community Resilience?

Mehdipour, Haleh and Jason von Meding
Redlined Neighborhoods Overlapping with Urban Heat Islands in El Paso, Texas

Michaud, Michael and Joseph Trainor
Stakeholder Participation in Crisis Decision-Making in Higher Education During COVID-19

Moloney, Kathleen, Nicole Errett, Jamie Vickery, and Jeremy Hess
How Long-Term Recovery Organizations Address Post-Wildfire Health Needs: A Qualitative Study

Noor, Naiyara, Samiul Hasan, Naim Kapucu, and Gurt Ge
Social Media and Crisis Communication: Leveraging Virtual Partnerships Among Local Agencies

O'Reilly, Hannah and Jennifer Henderson
Messaging the Threat: Forecaster Difficulties Prioritizing Compound Hazards During Hurricane Florence

Otsuyama, Kensuke
Living With the Risks: Adjacent Relocation and Newcomers in Kesennuma, Japan

Patrascu, Flavia Ioana and Ali Mostafavi
Access to Critical Facilities and Disparities, an Empirical Study After Hurricane Harvey

Rai, Pranjali
State-Driven Climate Resilience Development in Small Cities and Towns

Ramey, Samantha, Kevin Smiley, Frederick Weil, and Michael Barton
Population Change, Disasters, and Gentrification in Urban America from 2000 to 2017

Reyes Nunez, Reyna L
Women and Climate Change Adaptation Policy in Latin America

Riobueno-Naylor, Alexa, Betty Lai, Zhuoran Zhao, Zexi Rao, Samantha Aubé, Courtney Colgan, Summer Hawkins, and Christopher Baum
Cumulative Weather-Related Disaster Exposure and Youth Depression

Riyadh, Ahmad Mojtoba, Thomas J. Cova, Timothy W. Collins, and Richard M. Medina
Comparing Geographic Information System-Based Flood Resilience Models in Bangladesh

Rodríguez Sepúlveda, Nelmary, Simon A. Carn, and Robert Wright
A Global Survey of Satellite-Derived Volcanic Sulfur Dioxide Emissions and Heat Flux

Rodríguez-Cruz, Luis Alexis, Nora Álvarez-Berríos, and Meredith T. Niles
Food Security in Puerto Rican Farm Households After Hurricane Maria: Rethinking Metrics

Rowan, Sebastian
Predicting Mental Health Impacts of Floods

Sharan, Aditi
Disasters and the Other Gender: Viewpoints From the Hijra Community of India

Shen, Jiayun, Pamela Murray-Tuite, Kris Wernstedt, and Seth Guikema
Self-Reported Hardship and Travel After Hurricane Ida and Tropical Storm Nicholas

Stansfield, Ashleigh
Meramec River Flooding in 2015 and 2017: Case Study of Community Perceptions

Sullivan, Patrick, Elaina Sutley, Ward Lyles, and Yiwen Wu
Who Gets Federal Financial Resources to Mitigate and Recover From Disasters?

Venugopalan, Asha, Sara Hamideh, Elaina Sutley, and Maria Dillard
Patterns of Access to Post-Disaster Housing Recovery Resources: The Case of Lumberton

Vultaggio, Caitlan, Payel Sen, Sara Hamideh, and Farinaz Motlagh
Historical Review of Flood Mitigation Investments in Charleston, South Carolina

Wang, Qiong, Yang Zhang, Matthew Simons, and Jeremy Sharp
Bridging Science and Policy: Modifying Resilience Quotient Zoning Ordinance in Norfolk, Virginia

Wang, Yao
Advance Coastal Adaptation Planning: Analysis of Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments

Wells, Sarah, Ruth Fleury-Steiner, Susan Miller, Lauren Camphausen, and Jennifer Horney
Domestic Violence and COVID-19: How Public Health Control Measures Impacted Victim Services

West, Jocelyn
Rural Disaster Recovery: Social Dimensions of Landslide Hazards in Puerto Rico

White, Zackery
Sense of Community and Household Recovery From the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Wu, Yiwen, Patrick Davidson, Elaina Sutley, and Ward Lyles
Planning for Adaptation? Examining the Integration of Hazard Mitigation and Recovery Planning

Yeates, Elissa, Sebastian Rowan, Brenna Murray, Elizaveta Pinigina, and Emily Wells
Quantifying the Health Impacts of Floods—Update

Young, Camila
Effect of Social-Mediated Disaster Content on Audience Risk Perceptions and Information Sharing