Researchers Meeting Abstracts Index

Adetoro, Olusola-Ige
Climate Change-Related Disasters and Associated Health Challenges

Aksha, Sanam and Christopher Emrich
Social Vulnerability and Post-Disaster Housing Recovery: A Comparison of United States Disasters

Aminpour, Payam and Jennifer Hegeson
Green Infrastructure or Green Gentrification? Two Sides of the Same Coin

Aminpour, Payam, Jennifer Helgeson, Yalda Saadat, and Bilal Ayyub
Climate Justice and Social Equity in Puerto Rico Post Hurricane Maria

Balachandran, Balakrishnan
Navigating a World of Complex Risk

Bekkaye, Jasmine and Navid Jafari
Disaster Debris Removal and Quantification: A Case Study Following Hurricane Harvey

Bennett Milburn, Ashlea, Lauren Clay, and Charleen McNeill
Exploring Shelter Location Modeling: Testing the Nearest-Shelter Assumption During Hurricane Florence

Berlin Rubin, Nina and Gabrielle Wong-Parodi
Personal Experience and Threat Appraisal as Motivators of Wildfire-Associated Migration Intentions

Bonus, Justin, Pedro Arduino, Michael Motley, and Marc Eberhard
Characterizing Tsunami-Driven Debris-Field Hazards on Coastal Structures

Brown Jr., Tarik, Lei Zou, Courtney Thompson, Kayode Atoba, and Joynal Abedin
Marginalized Natural Hazard Risk Perception in Sarasota County, Florida

Bui, Lily, Jiwnath Ghimire, Eric Yamashita, and Karl Kim
Understanding Multi-Hazard Evacuation and Shelter Planning in the United States Island Territories

Cano Pecharroman, Lidia
Assessing Efforts to Increase Flood Resilience Through the Community Rating System Program

Chisty, Musabber Ali, Muhammad Awfa Islam, Ashfia Tasnim Munia, Md Mostafizur Rahman, Nadia Nahrin Rahman, and Mourupa Mohima
Risk Perception and Information-Seeking Behavior During Emergencies: The COVID-19 Pandemic Perspective

Chopel, Alison, Laura Gorbea, and Antonio Fernós Sagebien
Relationships Between Distribution of Disaster Aid, Economic Inequalities, and Health Equity in Puerto Rico

Chopel, Alison, Michelle Alvarado, Luis Gallardo, David Carrasquillo, and Eduardo Zavala
Addressing Abandonment as a Recovery Strategy: Transforming Health Risks Into Community Assets

Chowdhury, Tazrina Jahan, Keren Winterford, and Anna Gero
Remote Research in Retrospect and Thinking Ahead

Costa, Rodrigo, Jimmy Zhang, Ádám Zsarnóczay, and Jack Baker
Deducing Current Individual Household Income From Publicly Available Data

Cowan, Kristen and Diego Zavala
Social Vulnerability and Mortality in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria

Davis Pierel, Eleanor, Jennifer Helgeson, and Kirstin Dow
Resilient Research to Study Resilience: Studying Small Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

De La Torre, Cristina Muñoz and Eric Tate
Interaction Inequities of Social Vulnerability and Social Capital: FEMA Assistance Panel Analysis

DeYoung, Sarah, Roni Fraser, and Shauna Leahy
Systematic Social Media Recruitment for Disaster Research

Donine, Allison
Repeat Crises and Communities of Practice: Cultivating Resilience in the Education Sector

Elsamahi, Maha, Jeeyon Kim, Alex Humphrey, and Aws Alkadasi
Iteration and Adaptation: Implementing Research Through Local Partners in a Multi-Shock Setting

Elvin, George
Process Network Diagramming for Natural Hazard Preparedness and Assessment

Enderami, Seyyed Amin and Elaina Sutley
The Role of Remote Access in Organizational Functionality

Eutsler, Tyler, Carlee Purdum, Michelle Meyer, Kyle Breen, and Stuart Nolan
Cajun Navy Confusion: News Media Coverage and Conflict

Fischer, Erica, Amy Metz, Brad Wham, Jenna Tilt, Lisa Ellsworth, and Andres Schmidt
Wildfire Impacts on Water Distribution Systems

Friedland, Carol, Monica Farris, Yongcheol Lee, Robert Rohli, Pamela Jenkins, Hoang Tao, Rubayet Bin Mostafiz, Arash Taghinezhad Bilandi, Shifat Mithila, Jiyoung Lee, Ehab Gnan, and Md Adilur Rahim
Flood Risk Communication for New Construction Hazard Mitigation

Friedrich, Hannah and Beth Tellman
Satellite Imagery Detection of Blue Roofs to Map Flood Damage and Recovery

García Mejía, Sergio, Jack Curran, Olivia Patsy, Emina Herovic, and Michelle (Shelby) Bensi
Understanding Emergency Communication Practices During Hurricanes Eta and Iota in Guatemala

Giordono, Leanne and Hilary Boudet
Following the Path to Policy Change: Oregon Wildfires as a Focusing Event

Goltz, James and Katsuya Yamori
Disasters Without Borders: Sociology and the Ascendancy of Gradual Onset Disasters

Gorbea, Laura, Alison Chopel, Frank Aquino, Jorge Cabrera, Ramón Carrión, Kellys Cirino, Héctor Rubén Crespo, Stephanie Martínez, Myriam Miranda, Devorah Ortiz, Teresa Rivera, and María del Mar Yañez
Equitable, Participatory Survey Measure Development in Disaster Recovery Evaluation

Gorbea, Laura, Alison Chopel, Jorge Cabrera, Ramón Carrión, Kellys Cirino, Héctor Rubén Crespo, Stephanie Martínez, Myriam Miranda, Devorah Ortiz, Teresa Rivera, and María del Mar Yañez
Advancing Inclusive and Equitable Disaster Recovery Through Evaluation Practices

Gupta, Kailash, Dharmendra Boolchandani, Sandeep Baruah, and Caitlin Varquez
Transdisciplinary Participatory Action Research to Install Amateur Radio Equipment in District EOCs

Harding, Alyson and Marizen Ramirez
Causes of Wildfires: A Subset Analysis of Fires in California, 2010-2019

Hasan, Samiul, Naiyara Noor, and Yue Ge
Social Media-Based Crisis Communication Leveraging Virtual Partnerships Among Local Agencies

Heath, Taylor
Housing Tenure and Flood Disaster Recovery, 2002-2020

Helgeson, Jennifer, Alfredo Roa-Henriquez, and Maria Watson
How Do Hurricane Preparedness and Disaster Planning Reduce Business Interruption Over Time?

Hillin, Julia, Amani Canada, Leanne Fawkes, Courtney Thompson, and Garett Sansom
A Spatial Investigation of Cancer-Causing Contaminants in Northeast Houston, Texas

Huntsman, David, Alex Greer, Lauren Clay, Tristan Wu, and Haley Murphy
Responding to a Syndemic: Evacuation Decisions During Hurricane Laura

Idziorek, Katherine, Cynthia Chen, Natsuki Kitagawa, Toshiyuki Yamamoto, and Daniel Abramson
Factors Affecting Willingness to Share Resources After a Disaster: A Cultural Comparison

Iman, Sara and Yue Ge
Organizational Resilience Enhanced by Emergency Management Public-Private Partnerships

Islam, Tania, Pallab Mozumder, Nafisa Halim, and Sisi Meng
Understanding Mental Health Challenges Following Hurricane Harvey

Iuchi, Kanako, Hiroshi Takagi, Yasuhito Jibiki, Tamiyo Kondo, Ayako Kusunoki, Nuraini Rahma Hanifa, Dicky Pelupessy, Rahmadiyah Tria Gayathri, and Robert Olshansky
Questioning the Hazard Map-Based Rebuilding Process: Learning From the 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake

Johnson, Eileen, Jeremy Bell, Victoria Boundy, Annie Cox, Kasey Cunningham, Kristen Grant, Elizabeth Hertz Hertz, Ruth Indrick, and Samara Nassor
The Social Resilience Project: Building Resilience in Coastal Communities

Kahl, Alexandra, Joseph Tuccillo, Nikki Luke, Liem Tran, Budhendra Bhaduri, and Melissa Dumas
Coupling Vulnerability Metrics to Assess the Impacts of Large-Scale Winter Storms

Kenawy, Maha
Building Better for Earthquakes and Pandemics

Kennedy, Eric
Adopting Symmetric Approaches in Crisis Questionnaires: Methodological Reflections on a Theory-Driven Approach

Khajehei, Sayma, Elizabeth Colon Rivera, Divya Chandrasekhar, and Ivis Garcia Zambrana
Role of Community-Based Organizations in Public Housing Resident Recovery After Concurrent Disasters

Khan, Mohammad and Pallab Mozumder
The Deadly Connection: Analyzing Market Responses to Multiple Environmental Risks

Kim, Sua and Divya Chandrasekhar
Assessing the Economic Recovery of Local Business Interruption After Disasters in Utah

Kondo, Tamiyo, Elizabeth Maly, Michelle Stanley, and Michelle Meyer
Long-Term Impacts of Post-Disaster Residential Buyouts After the 2011 Japan Tsunami

Laefer, Debra, Joshua Lieberman, Alan Leidner, Wendy Dorf, Rae Zimmerman, Peter Gmelch, Kim Hertz, Carlos Restrepo, Starling Childs, and Terri Matthews
Community Resiliency Benefits for Underground Data Interoperability in New York City

Lazrus, Heather and Rebecca Morss
Building a Framework for Ethical Warning and Forecast Communication Systems

Lee, Sungsu and Seulgi Lee
Quantification of Regional Risk From Failure of an Earth Dam

Levitt, Barry, Richard Olson, Elizabeth Zechmeister, N. Emel Ganapati, Jose Miguel Cruz, Arturo Leon, and Humayra Sultana
The Effects of Experiencing Disaster on Support for Disaster Risk Reduction Policies

Lewis, Nicolette, Michael Motley, Dawn Lehman, Pedro Arduino, and Marc Eberhard
Fluid Structure Interaction for Earthquake and Tsunami Resilience Analysis and Design

Li, Xiangyu (Dale), Tony McAleavy, and Haejun Park
Too Obvious to Care: Contents and Conflicts of Risk Information in Pandemic

Maly, Elizabeth, Tamiyo Kondo, Michelle Stanley, and Michelle Meyer
Long-Term Impacts of Post-Disaster Residential Buyouts After Superstorm Sandy

Mascarenas, Dakota, Michael Motley, Marc Eberhard, Pedro Arduino, and Abbey Serrone
Quantifying Structural Loading From Wave-Driven Debris Fields

McBride, Sara and Jessica Ball
Crisis Plus Time Equals Humor: A Model on Humor During Crisis

McConnell, Kathryn and Christian V. Braneon
Social Stratification of the Built Environment: Patterns of Post-Fire Destruction and Reconstruction

Mehdipour, Haleh and Jason von Meding
Bridging the Affordable and Sustainable Housing Gap, A Case Study: Jacksonville, Florida

Meng, Sisi, Nafisa Halim, and Pallab Mozumder
COVID-19 Pandemic Versus Natural Disasters: A Comparative Analysis of Workforce Disruptions

Miao, Qing and Meri Davlasheridze
Assessing Social Equity of Federal Disaster Aid Distribution: A County-Level Analysis

Momin, Khondhaker, H M Imran Kays, and Arif Mohaimin Sadri
Identifying Hurricane Laura Crisis Response Communities in Online Social Networks

Mompean Botias, Estefania
Atlas of the Emergency: Approaching Methodologies for a Rapidly Changing Built Environment

Mongold, Emily, Rodrigo Costa, Adam Zsarnóczay, and Jack Baker
Modeling Rental Unit-Landlord Dependency for Post-Disaster Recovery

Mongold, Emily, Jack Baker, and Adam Zsarnóczay
Combining Multi-Hazard Coastal Impacts Due to Climate Change

Motlagh, Farinaz, Sara Hamideh, Payel Sen, Caitlan Vultaggio, Guirong (Grace) Yan, and John van de Lindt
Adapting Community Engagement to Pandemic Constraints: Lessons From a Resilience Bonds Project

Motlagh, Farinaz, Payel Sen, Sara Hamideh, Caitlan Vultaggio, Guirong (Grace) Yan, and John W. van de Lindt
Developing a Framework for Coastal Community Resilience Bond to Enable Socio-Physical Recovery

Mukherji, Anuradha, Scott Curtis, Jamie Kruse, Jennifer Helgeson, Ausmita Ghosh, and Nelson Adeniji
Mitigating Compound Water Hazards in Eastern North Carolina

Mwarumba, Njoki, James Okaka Oyuga, and Pauline Phiona Anyango
Youth Led Community-Based Participatory Action Research During COVID-19: The Muhoroni Model

Nguyen, Lan, Theresa Hoeft, Bonnie Duran, Morhaf Al Achkar, and Diem Nguyen
Rapid Community Partnered Mixed-Methods Approaches to Research in Diverse Communities

Nofal, Omar, Nathanael Rosenheim, Xiangnan Zhou, Jayant Patil, Sabarethinam Kameshwar, Hwayoung Jeon, Tao Lu, Elaina Sutely, Chen Wang, John van de Lindt, Leonardo Duenas-Osorio, Eun Jeong Cha, and Harvey Cutler
Comprehensive Community-Level Post-Hazard Functionality Assessment Approach

Nowell, Branda and Shannon McGovern
Are We Managing Today’s Disasters With Yesterday’s Disaster Response Systems?

Olson, Michele ("Micki")
From Fear to Action: How Emotion Influences Warning Response Intentions

Pardee, Jessica, Jennifer Schneider, and Cindy Lam
Understanding the Social Dynamics of Childcare Provision During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Parks, Vanessa and Megan Andrew
Disasters and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Birth Outcomes

Parks, Vanessa, Jay Balagna, and Michael Polito
Development and Findings From the Survey of Recreational Fishers

Penta, Samantha, Nadia Koyratty, Lauren Clay, and Amber Silver
Health or Economics: Unpacking Concern Type and Severity in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Pérodin, Joanne, Zelalem Adrefis, Mayra Cruz, Nahomi Matos Rondon, Leonie Hermantin, Guadalupe De La Cruz, Nazife Emel Ganapati, and Sukumar Ganapati
Reconceptualizing Disaster Phases Through a Metis-Based Approach

Purdum, Carlee
The Complex Vulnerability of Incarcerated Persons and the Enduring Harm of COVID-19

Rafi, Shahnawaz, Sisi Meng, Joost Santos, and Pallab Mozumder
Hurricane and Performance of Critical Utility Infrastructures: Analysis With Inoperability-Based Input-Output Modeling

Ritchie, Liesel, Elaina Sutley, Meredith Dumler, Martha Sibley, Chris Gibb, Duane Gill, Sadie Giles, and Jordan Marth
"And then COVID Happened": Impacts of the Pandemic on Disaster Researchers

Rivera, Jason D. and Claire Connolly Knox
Defining Social Equity in Emergency Management: The First Step in the Process

Rumbach, Andy, Katherine Dickinson, Deserai A. Crow, Elizabeth A. Albright, Manli Zhang, Nathan Jeschke, Betsy Smith, and Rick DeVoss
An Early Look at Process, Policy, and Recovery After the Marshall Fire

Safran, Elizabeth, Peter Drake, Erik Nilsen, and Bryan Sebok
Motivating Earthquake Preparedness Among Young Adults: Video Game Play vs. Web Search

Salley, Christin, Neda Mohammadi, and John E. Taylor
Addressing Disaster Informatics Inequities: Formulating a Trade-Off Framework Between Fairness and Performance

Sansom, Garett, Courtney Thompson, Leanne Fawkes, Lindsay Sansom, and Ruby Hernandez
Risk Communication and Willingness to Follow Emergency Recommendations

Santana, Francisca, Natalie Herbert, and Gabrielle Wong-Parodi
Social Norms and Social Support Shape Wildfire Smoke and COVID-19 Adaptation Behavior

Santos-Hernández, Jenniffer, Ashley Méndez Heavilin, and Alejandra Figueroa Huertas
Disasters as Processes: Trust, Information Seeking, and Protective Action Decision Making

Seddighi, Hamed
School-Based Education Programs for Preparing Children for Natural Hazards: A Systematic Review

Sen, Payel and Sara Hamideh
Recovery Assistance Gap for Vulnerable Residents After Low-Attention Disasters

Shao, Wanyun, Evan Cass, and Kevin Smiley
Comparing Public Expectations with Local Plans to Mitigate Hazards in New Orleans

Shim, Kyucheoul and Eunjeong Lee
Development of the Geo City River Platform for Smart River Management

Slabaugh, Dani
Mapping the Aid-Vulnerability Mismatch: Hurricane Harvey

Smith, Gavin, Olivia Vila, Claire Henkel, Brian Vaughn, Abigail Black, Chitali Biswas, Travis Klondike, Andy Fox, and Shannon McGovern
Applied Hazard Mitigation Research: Findings and Implications for Community Resettlement

Soden, Robert, David Lallemant, Manveer Kalirai, Celine Liu, and Dennis Wagenaar
Equity in Disaster Risk Models: Reviewing Current Practice to Inform Future Work

Song, Yongjia and Murwan Siddig
Adaptive Disaster Relief Logistics Planning: A Probabilistic Operations Research Perspective

Sullivan, Patrick, Elaina Sutley, Ward Lyles, and Yiwen Wu
Supporting Socially Vulnerable Communities by Optimizing Mitigation Project Selection

Sutley, Elaina, Shane Crawford, Maria Watson, Jarrod Loerzel, John van de Lindt, Jamie Kruse, Jennifer Helgeson, Sara Hamideh, Maria Dillard, Tori Tomiczek, Tanya Brown-Giammanco, Michelle Meyer, Donghwan Gu, and Leonardo Duenas-Osorio
COVID-19 Impact and Adaptation of a Longitudinal Study

Tanner, Alexa and Stephanie Chang
Investigating How Disaster Resilience is Expressed in Different Types of Communities

Thwala, Menziwokuhle Bandise, H M Imran Kays, K.K. Muraleetharan, and Arif Mohaimin Sadri
Translating Social Media Crisis Narratives Into Road Network Utilization Metrics for Oklahoma

Tian, Yubing, Lan Nguyễn, and Megan Finn
Sharing, Friction, and Synthesis: Evidence From Cascadia Subduction Zone Research

Tilt, Jenna, Eliza Amstutz, Andres Schmidt, Mike Gough, Lisa Ellsworth, Erica Fischer, Brad Wham, and Amy Metz
Sensing From All Angles: Building Water Security for Wildland Urban Interface Communities

Trego, Shaylynn, Ladd Keith, Sara Meerow, Erika Schmidt, Lauren Jensen, Philip R. Berke, and Joseph DeAngelis
Developing a Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard for Heat

VanLandingham, Mark, Trang Nguyen, Cam Tran, Ngoc Pham, Bonnie Bui, Kathleen Carlin, and Philip Anglewicz
Cultural Conflict and Cultural Brokering Between Academic and Immigrant Communities

Venugopalan, Asha, Sara Hamideh, Maria Dillard, and Elaina Sutley
Role of Financial Resources in Housing Recovery: Evidence From Lumberton, North Carolina

Vickery, Jamie, Nicole Errett, Jeffrey Berman, and Joseph Wartman
RAPID Facility Resources to Support Social Science Rapid Reconnaissance Disaster Research

Vickery, Jamie, Nicole Errett, Ann Bostrom, William Sweeney, and Hansen Wendlandt
Learning From Individuals Experience With Homelessness to Inform Risk Communication Planning

Vilá, Olivia, Bethany Cutts, Whitney Knollenberg, and Louis Rivers
How Nonprofit Leaders Foster Recognition of the Latinx Community for Equitable Recovery

Walpole, Emily, Juan Fung, Alden Dima, and Thurston Sexton
So You’re Interested in NLP? Observations From Automated Coding of Resilience Planning

Wang, Qiong and Yang Zhang
Moving Properties Out of Harm’s Way–Lessons Learned From Property Buyout Program Adoptions

Wang, Yi Victor
Paradigmatic Proposal for Ontological Inquiries in Disaster Studies

Wang, Yifan, Jie Gong, and Jiahao Xia
Flood Damage Assessment in Urban Residential Areas During Hurricane Ida

Watson, Maria, Charlotte Brown, Sahar Derakhshan, John Handmer, Jennifer Helgeson, Juri Kim, Cynthia Kroll, Adam Rose, and Anne Wein
Business Disaster Survey Methods and Lessons From a Decade of Resilience Surveys

Weil, Frederick, Samantha Ramey, Oliver Garretson, Jiabin Fan, and Alison Qi
Racial Differences in Response to COVID-19: Solidarity, Vulnerability, and Social Justice

Wilkho, Rohan Singh and Nasir Gharaibeh
Assessing Flash Flood Susceptibility at the Census Tract Level

Wong-Parodi, Gabrielle
Public Safety Power Shutoffs Support: Wildfire-Related Personal Experience, Health, and Risk Perceptions

Wong-Parodi, Gabrielle and Nina Berlin Rubin
Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions: COVID-19 and Wildfires Experience and Subjective Attributions

Wu, Haorui, Marla Perez-Lugo, Cecilio Ortiz Garcia, Frances Crespo, and Adriana Castillo
Empowered Actors: Female University Students’ Leadership During the Pandemic-Triggered On-Campus Evictions

Young, Kristopher, Brett Clark, and Lazarus Adua
Inequity in Wildfire Recovery: An Evaluation of FEMA Assistance in California

Zhao, Xilei, Thomas Cova, Erica Kuligowski, Yiming Xu, Yepeng Liu, Ruggiero Lovreglio, Daniel Nilsson, Alex Wu, and Xiang Yan
Analyzing Wildfire Evacuation Decision-Making With Large-Scale GPS Data

Zhao, Xilei, Xiaojian Zhang, Dare Baldwin, Matthew Wood, Thomas Cova, Sara McBride, Josephine Bellizzi, and Nicolas Luco
Modeling and Interpreting Protective Action Decision-Making During Earthquakes Using Machine Learning

Zhao, Xilei, Xiaojian Zhang, Louis Merlin, John Renne, Stepan Mazokha, and Jason Hallstrom
Forecasting Person Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Zinda, John, Ziyu Zhao, David Kay, Lindy Williams, and James Zhang
A Double Disparity? Homeownership, Flood Experience, and Household Protective Measures