Research and Practice Highlights Index

Abukhalaf, Amer Hamad Issa, Abdallah Naser, Jason von Meding, and Haleh Mehdipour
COVID-19 Outbreak Impact on the Well-Being of Migrants in U.S. College Towns

Adams, Rachel, Jennifer Tobin, Jolie Breeden, Meghan Mordy, and Lori Peek
Schools and ShakeAlert Earthquake Early Warning: A Survey of West Coast Superintendents

Arriaga Serrano, Carlos
Abidjan: Floods, Displacements, and Corrupt Institutions

Bekkaye, Jasmine and Navid Jafari
Disaster Debris Removal and Quantification: A Case Study Following Hurricane Harvey

Bektas, Nurullah
Machine Learning Based Seismic Building Damage State Classification

Bennett Gayle, DeeDee, Xiaojun Yuan, Yvonne Dadson, Ellie Seoe Jung, Natasha Edwards, and Thora Knight
Contact Tracing and Proof of Vaccination Apps During COVID-19

Campbell, Nnenia, Anne Wein, and Maryia Markhvida
Diversifying HayWired Communications

Carlisle, Cathleen and Shubha Shrivastava
Federal Emergency Management Agency Updates State and Local Mitigation Planning Policy Guides

Coleman, Natalie, Cristian Podesta, Amir Esmalian, Faxi Yuan, and Ali Mostafavi
Capturing Population Activity Data to Quantify Community Resilience to Disasters

Jean, Cassandra
Suffering Through Survival: Black Women, Intersectionality, and the 2017 Hurricane Season

Lee, Hsiang-Chieh, Hui Hsuan Yang, Mei-Chun Lin, Kai-Min Liao, Chiu-Ling Hsu, and Yi-Chen Chen
Developing an Online Disaster Evacuation and Shelter Preparedness Tool for Local Governments

Lee, Hsiang-Chieh and Yu-Ping Wu
Change of Disaster Risk of Social Welfare Institutions in Taiwan

Lennox-Morrison, Judanne
Race, Place, and CERTs: Examining Rural Adaptive Capacity and Community Resilience

Liu, Yi-Chung, Huei-Ru Hsieh, and Sheu-Yien Liu
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Nursing Homes from a Municipality Perspective

MacPherson-Krutsky, Carson, Nnenia Campbell, Ellen Berggren, and Lori Peek
Risk Communication and Social Vulnerability: Translating Research to Practice

McDuffie, Joshua and Janey Camp
Risk Education for All: Methods and Applications for Developing a Risk-Literate Society

Mendez, Michael and Carlo Chunga Pizarro
Addressing Disparities in Sonoma County’s Agriculture Pass Program

Ramirez-Rios, Diana, William Wallace, Ana Cristina Nazario, Sonia Ortega, Paola Mendez, and Norianne Martinez Viota
Exploring How Transportation Access to Healthcare Impacts Social Vulnerability in Puerto Rico

Rivera, Jason and Claire Knox
Defining Social Equity in Emergency Management: A Critical First Step

Smith, Kristin, Tara Preston, Patty Hernandez, Samantha Estabrook, and Brent Powell
Mobile Home Residents Face Disproportionately High Flood Risk

Villarreal, Melissa
Documenting the Undocumented: Long-Term Housing Recovery of Mexican Immigrant Women

West, Jocelyn
Predicting Post-Disaster Population Loss: Refining the Social Vulnerability Index in Puerto Rico

Zeuli, Kim, Carol Chang, and Sarah Pearlman
Natural Disaster Preparedness for Regional Food Systems: Insights from a Community-Centered Approach