Approaches for Assessing Regional Risk and Resilience

Thursday, July 14, 8:00 to 9:15 a.m. MDT

Comprehensive Community-Level Post-Hazard Functionality Assessment Approach

Omar Nofal, Colorado State University
Nathanael Rosenheim, Texas A&M University
Xiangnan Zhou, Rice University
Jayant Patil, Rice University
Sabarethinam Kameshwar, Louisiana State University
Hwayoung Jeon, Colorado State University
Tao Lu, Colorado State University
Elaina Sutely, University of Kansas
Chen Wang, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
John van de Lindt, Colorado State University
Leonardo Duenas-Osorio, Rice University
Eun Jeong Cha, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Harvey Cutler, Colorado State University

Deducing Current Individual Household Income From Publicly Available Data

Rodrigo Costa, Stanford University
Jimmy Zhang, Stanford University
Adam Zsarnóczay, Stanford University
Jack Baker, Stanford University

Fluid Structure Interaction for Earthquake and Tsunami Resilience Analysis and Design

Nicolette Lewis, University of Washington
Michael Motley, University of Washington
Dawn Lehman, University of Washington
Pedro Arduino, University of Washington
Marc Eberhard, University of Washington

Hurricane and Performance of Critical Utility Infrastructures: Analysis With Inoperability-Based Input-Output Modeling

Shahnawaz Rafi, Florida International University
Sisi Meng, University of Notre Dame
Joost Santos, George Washington University
Pallab Mozumder, Florida International University

Assessing Flash Flood Susceptibility at the Census Tract Level

Rohan Singh Wilkho, Texas A&M University
Nasir Gharaibeh, Texas A&M University

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