Mitigation and Preparedness Planning

Thursday, July 14, 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. MDT

Comparing Public Expectations with Local Plans to Mitigate Hazards in New Orleans

Wanyun Shao, University of Alabama
Evan Cass, University of Alabama
Kevin Smiley, Louisiana State University

Assessing Efforts to Increase Flood Resilience Through the Community Rating System Program

Lidia Cano Pecharroman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Developing a Plan Integration for Resilience Scorecard for Heat

Shaylynn Trego, Arizona State University
Ladd Keith, University of Arizona
Sara Meerow, Arizona State University
Erika Schmidt, University of Arizona
Lauren Jensen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Philip R. Berke, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Joseph DeAngelis, American Planning Association

Developing a Framework for Coastal Community Resilience Bond to Enable Socio-Physical Recovery

Farinaz Motlagh, Stony Brook University
Payel Sen, Stony Brook University
Sara Hamideh, Stony Brook University
Caitlan Vultaggio, Stony Brook University
Guirong (Grace) Yan, Missouri University of Science and Technology
John W. van de Lindt, Colorado State University

Supporting Socially Vulnerable Communities by Optimizing Mitigation Project Selection

Patrick Sullivan, University of Kansas
Elaina Sutley, University of Kansas
Ward Lyles, University of Kansas
Yiwen Wu, University of Kansas

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