Research and Practice Highlights Index

Bacigalupe, Gonzalo
Emerging Technologies for Community Participation and Resilience in the Disaster Cycle

Brokopp Binder, Sherri and Alex Greer
Home Buyout Policy: Assessing Policy Learning, Practice, and Participant Experience

Daniels, Lorita
Role Perception among Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Managers: An Exploration

Dillard, Maria and Ken Harrison
Community Resilience Measurement and Modeling at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Domingue, Simone and Christopher Emrich
Social Vulnerability and Procedural Equity: Exploring the Distribution of Disaster Aid Across Counties in the United States

Fisher, Dana, Lori Peek, and Evan Schofer
Society and the Environment Book Series from Columbia University Press

Gin, June L., Richard Eisner, Claudia Der-Martirosian, and Aram Dobalian
“Preparedness is a Marathon, Not a Sprint:” Disaster Preparedness in Los Angeles Community-Based Homeless Organizations

Graff, Lisa
Flood Vulnerability Assessment for Critical Facilities

Gray, Lesley
Preparing for the Big One: Morbid Obesity in Disasters

Gupta, Kailash
Pandemic Knowledge to Action

Gupta, Kailash
The India Chapter of The International Emergency Management Society

Gupta, Kailash
Crisis Participatory Governance

Hackerott, Caroline and Jeffrey Aulgur
Community-Based Adaptive Capacity and Resilience within Developing Societies

Haque, Ubydul
Globally Increasing Deadly Landslides

Hatton, Tracy, Charlotte Brown, Erica Seville, Sawyer Baker, and Omar Abou-Samra
Bringing Resilience to Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises: An App for Business Preparedness

Hatton, Tracy, Charlotte Brown, and Erica Seville
Business Recovery from Disaster

Helgeson, Jennifer
National Institute of Standards and Technology's Economic Decision Guide for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems

Jenkins, Pamela and Liz Williams
Planning in Partnership: Louisiana's Strategic Adaptations for Future Environments

Jeong, Sangman, Hayong Kim, Insang Yu, and Moojong Park
Development of a Management System for the Landslide and Debris Flow Damage Mitigation in Urban Areas

Jeong, Sangman, Insang Yu, Hayong Kim, and Taesung Cheong
Assessment of Physical Risks of Flood, Wind, and Snow Disasters for Houses

Kilvington, Margaret and Wendy Saunders
Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities to Translate Science into Planning Practice for Natural Hazard Risk Reduction

Lovekamp, Bill and Cameron Craig
Nature's Fury and the Human Spirit

Madera, Allison
“I Had to Try to Establish an Identity without a Business:” Business Interruption, Identity Disruption, and Innovative Recovery Strategies among Small Business Owners Following the 2013 Colorado Floods

Maldonado, Julie, Heather Lazrus, and Bob Gough
Rising Voices: Collaborative Science with Indigenous Knowledge for Climate Solutions

McAleavy, Tony
A Picture Says a Thousand Words: Linking Disaster Theory to Practice through Visual and Linguistic Metaphor

McNeil, ConSandra
Proposing a Research Study to Investigate the Impact of Major Disasters on Family Experiences and Implications for Crisis Managers and Other Professionals

Miles, Scott B.
DESaster: Discrete Event Simulation of Disaster Recovery

Misra, Shalini
Thinking and Decision Making in an Age of Divided Attention

Parsons, Melissa
Cultural Worldviews and Natural Hazard Risk Perception

Peek, Lori and Lubna Mohammad
Cumulative Disaster Exposure and Coping Capacity of Women and their Children in Southeast Louisiana

Peek, Lori, Jennifer Tobin, and John van de Lindt
Institutional Review Board Authorization Agreements: A Partnership between the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Colorado State University

Perez, Victor
Environmental Justice, Climate Change, and Relocation

Petal, Marla
Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction and Comprehensive School Safety Research and Practice Linkages

Schneider, Philip
Resilience Incentivization and Mitigation Saves

Shufro, Nick and Angela Gladwell
National Mitigation Investment Strategy: An Initiative of the Mitigation Framework Leadership Group

Sohrabizadeh, Sanaz
Gender Analysis Factors in Disaster Risk Management: The Case of Iran

Thomas, Edward
Natural Hazard Mitigation Association Disaster Risk Reduction Ambassador Curriculum

Tobin, Jennifer
The 2013 Colorado Floods: A Case Study of Educational Continuity for Lyons Elementary and Middle/Senior High Schools

van de Lindt, John and Hussam Mahmoud
Hindcasting the 2011 Joplin Tornado

van de Lindt, John, Bruce Ellingwood, and Therese McAllister
Center of Excellence for Community Risk-Based Resilience Planning

van de Lindt, John, Derya Deniz, and Nathanael Rosenheim
The Lumberton, North Carolina, Flood of 2016: A Community Resilience Focused Field Study

Vickery, Jamie
"Every Day is a Disaster:" Homelessness and the 2013 Colorado Floods

Vigneaux, Gregory, Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, Steven J. Jensen, and Christine Rodrigue
An Organizational Perspective on U.S. Wildland Firefighting Operations: Opening the Black Box

Webb, Gary and Nicole Dash
Hazard Exposures in Native American Communities

Wernstedt, Kris
How Emergency Managers (Mis?) Interpret Forecasts

Wiener, John
Resilient Neighbors Network

Wiener, John
Building Your Roadmap to a Disaster Resilient Future

Wiener, John
Hide From the Wind: Tornado Safe Rooms in Central Oklahoma

Wiener, John
Alert on Waters of the United States Repeal and Environmental Injustice and Damage

Woloszyn, Molly, James Schwab, and Robert Dean
Incorporating Local Climate Science to Help Communities Plan for Climate Extremes

Wu, Guochun
A Quantitative Study on Community-Based Recovery and Reconstruction in the Wenchuan Earthquake